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Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups.

We have two ListDirect Facebook groups for owners who list on our website to promote their holiday in.

One group is for all ListDirect owners to post their ListDirect URLs in. The second group is only for verified owners to post their ListDirect URLs in.

Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups

What is the aim of the ListDirect Facebook groups?

Our main aim is to give owners another platform to advertise on to generate more direct bookings. Our Facebook groups are different to the majority of book direct Facebook groups as owners on our website interact with posts, ensuring Facebook shows the post you create to more accounts.

We are moving away from the conventional posts owners are use to creating to ensure members in our Facebook groups do not turn off their notifications. 

There is a massive trust element involved with booking direct and not paying more to use a 3rd party booking site, our Facebook groups are a great way to start building trust with potential guests.

Why are there two Facebook groups? 

One group is for all ListDirect owners to post their ListDirect URLs in. The second group is only for verified ListDirect owners to post their ListDirect URLs in. There are no differences between the two groups other than one group is only for verified ListDirect owners to post in.

Should I post in the Facebook groups?

We ask members why they are joining our Facebook groups. Most common answer is they prefer to use Facebook. To help raise the profile of your holiday let regularly sharing your ListDirect link will make members aware of your holiday let. 

Who can post in the groups?

The groups are for ListDirect owners only. Owners who do not advertise on ListDirect are not allowed to post or comment with links to their holiday let property in our Facebook groups. If you see any links that are not ListDirect then please do report, we will remove.

What can I post in the Facebook groups? 

Every post must contain the URL to your listing on ListDirect. Why? There are many reasons for this but if someone likes your post and wants to know more information they can head straight to your listing. Your listing contains all your information. Too much information on a post and no one will interact. It also keeps the groups secure.

We want to keep our ListDirect Facebook groups alive, we suggest posting about the following:

ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups |
ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups |
  • The price of your holiday let after all this is everyone’s USP, that no other company advertising your holiday let can compete with.
  • Activities in your area.
  • Attractions in your local area.
  • Is your local area famous for anything.
  • Great restaurants nearby
  • Close to a beach?

Get the conversation started on a post, this interaction will fool Facebook algorithms and ensure your post is seen my more and more accounts. Hopefully securing your business a direct booking.

Are there any rules?

We have created a set of rules for the ListDirect Facebook groups. Please know that the rules we have set up are done so to benefit every owner on ListDirect.

Why are their rules?

When analysing advertising Facebook groups associated with book direct we noticed a lot of posts do not get interaction. We all know if a post receives no interaction Facebook will not show the post on the newsfeed of users on their site.

This then lead us to think, why do people use the Facebook groups? One answer, looking for a holiday let.

Are people looking for a holiday let everyday of the year? No, once a holiday let has been booked people do not usually keep searching the groups looking for a holiday let.

ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups |
ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups |

This then opened up a lot more questions which concluded to really simple answers. We have used all our research and bit of common sense to create rules, suggestions and ideas we would like owners to use on their posts in our ListDirect Facebook groups.

No matter what, we have to keep our Facebook groups ‘alive’ this can only be done with owners posting in the groups and posts receiving interaction.

What are the rules?

  • Every post must contain your ListDirect URL
  • No contact details on a post.
  • No contact details on an image.
  • No reshares of posts from a Facebook account/page.
  • No links to a Facebook account. Create a post under your business account instead.
  • When possible include your prices.
  • When possible include your availability.
  • No other links to your website unless the link contains a blog you have created. You must still share your ListDirect link.

When would a link to my website be ok?

If you create blog on your website and you wanted to share it our ListDirect Facebook groups then we are happy for you to share the link to the blog which will contain your website. You must still share your ListDirect link on the post.

What are the ListDirect Facebook groups?

Holiday Lets Book With The Owner Direct - ListDirect qr code
All ListDirect owners
Holiday Lets, Verified Worldwide Owners Direct - ListDirect qr code
Verified ListDirect owners

Why can I not share my direct contact details in the Facebook group?

We all know too much text on a post and interest is lost. Your direct contact details are on your listing on ListDirect. People can click on your link and message you instantly on ListDirect or respond to your post in the Facebook groups. A user can also view any direct contact details you have listed on your account via your URL to ListDirect. This is why we ask owners to share their ListDirect link on every post. It also ensures posts are kept a lot shorter, hopefully more people will read your post.

ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups |

How can we keep the Facebook groups alive? 

  • Post in the group
  • Invite everyone you know to the groups
  • Interact with posts in the groups

As owners if we interact with other posts in the group we will ensure Facebook keeps pushing the post on to more and more newsfeeds.

Why should I interact with a post? 

When you interact with a post it tells Facebooks algorithms the content is good and Facebook pushes the post out to more and more newsfeeds. The more interaction on a post the more accounts on Facebook will see the post.

Every time someone sees a post with ListDirect on they remember the name. The name of a website that also advertises your holiday let. People need to continually see the name ListDirect to ensure they remember who we are and where to find your holiday let to book direct.

How often can I post in the group? 

Currently there are no rules on the amount of times you can post in the group. Please use your own judgment on this and remember owners are taking the time to like and comment on your posts. 

Can I invite my friends to the groups? 

Yes! Please invite everyone you know. As owners we need to give the groups a kick start inviting our friends on Facebook is a great way to do this. Your friends trust you, so will trust the groups and owners who advertise on ListDirect. Generating more direct bookings for every owner on ListDirect, including yourself.

If 100 owners invited 10 friends that is 1,000 members in the group. If 200 owners invited 100 friends that is 20,000 members in the group. 

ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups |

As we all work together to ensure our posts are shown by Facebook on peoples newsfeeds, can you imaging the reach your posts will get, for Free.

What account can I post under

You can use your personal Facebook account or your buisness Facebook account to post. In all our groups you can join with a Facebook account or Facebook page. 

Can I respond to a comment about my accommodation?

Yes please do! Please ensure you respond with your ListDirect link, availability and price when applicable. People use Facebook for convince, sometimes giving this information can help secure the booking. 

Can I included prices in my posts? 

Yes, price is your number 1 driving force behind booking direct. Let people know how much it would be to book your accommodation through a 3rd party website. How much they will save booking direct. 

Feedback we get from users is they would never have imagined the property advertised would be so ‘cheap’. We then explain book direct and where the price difference comes from.  

Template posts

If you are lost on what to post you can use one of our temple acres below and edit to include your details. 

  • Sleeps 6 | 3 bedrooms | London | Dogs | Hot tub | Sea views 
  • Sleeps 6 | 3 bedrooms | North Wales
  • Our area is great for…
  • Have you tried…
  • Ever wondered how to climb
  • We have some great cycle routes..
  • Our nearest beach…

What else does ListDirect have on Facebook?

  • What else does ListDirect have on Facebook?
ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook groups |

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