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Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook group here . Our Facebook group is exclusively for owners who advertise on ListDirect.

All we ask is that you have your ListDirect link on your posts. How to find your link.

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Facebook advertising group

Generate more direct bookings

What is the aim of the ListDirect Facebook group?

Our main aim is to give owners another platform to advertise on to generate more direct bookings. As a community we all work together to fool the Facebook algorithms.

We encourage owners to move away from the conventional posts they are familiar to creating. Why? To gain more interaction – ensure every member is shown your post.

There is a massive trust element involved with booking direct, our Facebook group is a great way to start building trust with potential guests.

ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook group |

Should I post in the Facebook group?

Yes. We ask members, why are they joining our ListDirect Facebook group. Most common answer is, they prefer to search for a holiday let on Facebook.

Help raise the profile of your holiday let by regularly sharing your ListDirect link in our Facebook group. If nothing else it gets free traffic on your listing to help push it up on search engines (google, bing, yahoo etc.).

We have owners ListDirect advertisement ranking higher than their airbnb listing on google. Which one would you prefer guests to find when they search for you?

Do you know your link? Click here this short video will talk you through it.

ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook group |

One rule, posts must contain your ListDirect URL

What can I post in the Facebook groups? 

We want to keep our ListDirect Facebook groups alive, we suggest posting about the following to get the conversation started:

  • Holiday let rates, after all this is everyone’s USP
  • Activities in your area
  • Attractions in your local area
  • Is your local area famous for anything
  • Great restaurants nearby
  • Close to a beach, walking or bike routes

Get the conversation started on a post, this interaction will fool Facebook algorithms and ensure your post is seen by more and more accounts. Secure yourself more direct bookings.

ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook group |

Are there any rules?

We have created one rule for the ListDirect Facebook group, that is every post must contain the URL to your listing on ListDirect. Why? There are many reasons for this, please know that this rule is to benefit every owner on ListDirect.

  • Message securely – gains trust
  • Contains all your information
  • It also keeps our groups secure

If someone likes your post and wants to know more information they can head straight to your listing, not everyone likes to ask.

What does data show?

When analysing other advertising Facebook groups associated with book direct we noticed a lot of posts do not get interaction. We all know if a post receives no interaction Facebook will not show the post on the newsfeed of users on their site. What does this mean? Basically, you have wasted your time no one saw your advertisement.

We then thought, why do people use book direct Facebook groups? Looking for a holiday let is the answer most would give. We believe there are 2 answers to this question.

1. Looking for a holiday let

2. Advertising a holiday let

Are people looking for a holiday let every day of the year? No, once a holiday let has been booked people do not usually keep searching the groups looking for another holiday let until they need one again. The first batch of people who see your post will more than likely be another holiday let owner. If they do not interact, Facebook will ‘kill’ the post you have just shared as it never passed the algorithm test. Support each other by interacting on posts, it will benefit you.

Get the conversation started on a post, this interaction will fool Facebook algorithms and ensure your post is seen by more and more accounts. Hopefully securing your business a direct booking.

No matter what, we have to keep our Facebook groups ‘alive’ this can only be done with owners posting in the groups and posts receiving interaction.

Why should I interact with a post? 

When you interact with a post it tells the Facebooks algorithms the content is good on the post and Facebook pushes your post out to more and more newsfeeds. The more interaction on a post the more accounts on Facebook will see the post. The more potential guests.

Every time someone sees a post with ListDirect on they will remember the name. The name of a website that advertises your holiday let. People need to continually see the name ListDirect to ensure they remember who we are and where to find your holiday let to book direct.

ListDirect - Advertise for Free in the ListDirect Facebook group |

How can we help grow the group? 

  • Post in the group
  • Invite everyone you know to the groups
  • Interact with posts in the groups

As owners if we interact with other posts in the group we will ensure Facebook keeps pushing the post on to more and more newsfeeds. Every post associated with ListDirect advertises your holiday let.

More traffic to your listing

Can I invite my friends to the group? 

Yes! Invite everyone you know. As owners we need to give the group a kick start, inviting our friends on Facebook is a great way to do this. Your friends trust you, so will trust the groups and owners who advertise on ListDirect.

Generating more direct bookings for every owner on ListDirect, including yourself.

Why should I invite my friends to the group?

If 100 owners invited 10 friends, that is 1,000 members in the group. If 200 owners invited 100 friends that is 20,000 members in the group. 

Can you see the potential if we all work together in the ListDirect Facebook group?

How do I invite my friends to the group? 

This is really easy to do.

  • Go to the group
  • Select the invite button at the top under group members

Invite everyone you know, we have uploaded a quick video to show you how.

How else can I get my friends to join?

Share our ListDirect Facebook group on your social media accounts. Educate them on book direct, how they can save money by booking direct. Explain how owners can become verified, so they can book securely.

Repeat …Repeat… Repeat… why? Social media kills your posts after a certain time, the more often you post the better the chance of your friends or followers being shown the information.

As we all work together to ensure our posts are shown by Facebook on peoples newsfeeds, can you imagine the reach your posts will get, for Free.

FAQ on the ListDirect Facebook group

Who can post in the group?

The group is for ListDirect owners only. Owners who do not advertise on ListDirect are not allowed to post or comment with links to their holiday let property in our Facebook groups.

If you notice any links that are not from a ListDirect owner, then please do report them.

How often can I post in the group? 

Currently there are no rules on the amount of times you can post in the ListDirect Facebook group. Please use your own judgment on this.

Can I include prices in my posts? 

Yes, price is your number 1 driving force behind booking direct. Let people know how much it would be to book your accommodation through a 3rd party website. How much they will save booking direct. 

Feedback we get from users is they would never have imagined the property advertised would be so ‘cheap’.

Can I respond to a comment about my accommodation?

Yes please do! Please ensure you respond with your ListDirect link, availability and price when applicable. People use Facebook for convenience, sometimes giving this information can help secure the booking. 

What account can I post under

You can use your personal Facebook account or your business Facebook account to post in the ListDirect Facebook groups.

In all our groups you can join with a Facebook account or Facebook page. 

Template post ideas

If you are lost on what to post about in the ListDirect Facebook group, you can use one of our template suggestions below. 

  • Sleeps 6 | 3 bedrooms | London | Dogs | Hot tub | Sea views 
  • Sleeps 6 | 3 bedrooms | North Wales
  • Our area is great for…
  • Have you tried…
  • Ever wondered how to climb
  • We have some great cycle routes..
  • Our nearest beach…
  • Look what we just bought..
  • Have you read our recent review?…
  • Our latest offer…
  • We you should book direct…

What else does ListDirect have on Facebook?

Official ListDirect Facebook page

Our official Facebook page for List Direct, do you follow us? Click here to follow.

On this page we can viral to the whole of Facebook so please do interact by commenting and liking posts. We create posts so your business goes viral. You will never get hundreds of people interacting with your posts every day, on ListDirect we have hundreds of members with the same goal.

We can dominate the book direct market, lets do it! The power is on our hands and it’s all completely free.

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ListDirect owners

This group is for us to keep owners up to date with change son the site or data trends we are seeing to help boost your direct bookings.

You can also ask question in here is you are unsure on anything, please do join. Click here to join.

ListDirect - Technical Support Group qr code

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