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We would love to set up an area in your ListDirect owner’s how-to handbook for blogs created by ListDirect holiday let owners. Collectively as owners you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in so many areas.

ListDirect - Blogs Created by ListDirect Holiday Let Owners |

Who are the blogs aimed at?

We have two types of users, holiday let owner and a holiday seeker, you can create a blog to appeal to either audience.

Blogs aimed at a holiday seeker

9 times out of 10 people will look an area up before they book accommodation. Creating a blog on the following suggestions could be great publicity for your holiday let.

  • Top 10 tourist attractions in (area)
  • 5 free things to do in (area)
  • 12 things a tourist must do in (area)
  • 7 most beautiful beaches in (area)
  • 5 walking trails around (area)

Blogs aimed at a owners?

As a holiday let owner there will be something that you have purchased, tweaked or researched to help your business. Reading a blog created by a ListDirect holiday let owner and your honest perspective on a topic, would be so valuable to owners in our community.

What is the purpose of the blogs?

To have one central area for users to read blogs created by ListDirect holiday let owners. Posts on Facebook are a good source of information, whether that be in the help and chat groups or in an advertising group. It can be hard to find a post again with so many different groups, lets create one go to place.

By creating a blog with your information and not a Facebook post it gives you a much wider audience to reach, a wider audience to advertise your holiday let to.

Where will the blogs be published

We will create an area in the ListDirect owner’s how-to handbook to publish all blogs (for now). Then as it grows we will move the blogs created by ListDirect holiday let owners to their own area on the website.

Why should I create a blog?

One simple answer, to help advertise your holiday let and generate more direct bookings. Widen your advertising audience and create leads down roads you have not yet explored, who knows where this could lead your business.

You have the support of ListDirect to help you with the SEO and how to set out a blog to keep a user engaged. Don’t forget our great supportive community who can look over your blog if needed before it goes live.

How do I get involved?

Contact ListDirect with the topic you would like to write about, just incase another owner is already typing away on this topic as we speak. Once you get the green light, have a look over our template format for the blog, it is really simple and easy to follow. The template format is at the bottom of this page. We will wait to hear back from you with your finished blog.

Then what happens?

We will set up the webpage and insert your content. Create a link in the ListDirect owner’s how-to handbook and publish the blog on the website. We will also share it on multiple social media platforms for you.


Can I star in the blog?

This is completely up to you, whatever you are comfortable with we are comfortable with. You could take a paragraph in the blog to introduce yourself and your holiday let. If you want to really personalise the blog you could use an image of yourself/team/family. Images for the blog can be from your holiday let, great way to advertise your accommodation.

Alternatively you can just name yourself at the end. Or from the owner of (your property name). Or if you would rather, it can be completely anonymous. 

Why there a template to follow?

We have set out a template for owners to follow so all the blogs look consistent but most importantly get you maximum SEO exposure. Don’t be worried the template is really easy to follow. We will give you lots of advice on SEO within the template to help your blog rank in search engines.

What is not allowed in the blog?

Copied content from elsewhere. Everything must be in your own words, from your experience. You must ensure images are your own and not sourced elsewhere without permission. You can use pixabay if you are struggling with images.

Can I alter the article once it is published?

No unfortunately once it has gone live on the website it’s gone live. So please only send through your final article

Can I use a blog already created?

Only if you re word it, it can not be copied and pasted over. As Google knows and will ‘hide’ your ListDirect blog in searches.

How will it advertise my property

This depends on the blog content to how we will ensure it is linked to your holiday let.

Can I have videos in the blog

Yes, we can link up videos to your blog from YouTube or another social media account it is published on. Please just you send us the correct URL.

What else could I blog about?

Depending on the audience you are aiming at anything that relates to a holiday let. This could vary from:

  • How you market your USP
  • How you set up your business
  • How are you saving money
  • A certain feature in your accommodation
  • Your welcome box
  • Expenses no one realises about
  • How have you adapted your procedures
  • Do you do the housekeeping
  • What isn’t working in your accommodation

Template for your blog

Don’t be scared this template is really easy to follow and designed to help your blog reach maximum SEO.

  1. Create a catchy heading, grab their attention. We can help with this once the blog is created.
  2. Each paragraph in your blog must contain a short heading (why short? so it looks good on a mobile device). Help users scan read to the paragraph they want to know more on.
  3. Paragraphs should be short and ideally (not essential) contain an image that represents the content of the paragraph. Square image paragraphs should be no longer than 1100 character count. Rectangular images paragraphs should be no longer than 660 character count.
  4. Images need to be your own or use Pixabay (as an example) that has royalty free images.
  5. Write like you are talking to someone. Make it easy enough so a child could follow what your are saying.
  6. Blog must contain at least 600 words.
  7. Key words – what do you want your blog to show for when someone does a search on google. Repeat these keywords at least 3-10 times in your blog (depends on the overall length of your blog from 600 – 3000 word count).
  8. Repeat your title at least 3-10 times in your blog (depends on the overall length of your blog from 600 – 3000 word count).
  9. Research shows a conclusion is ideal at the end and people often scroll to the end to see if the blog is worth reading.
  10. Introduction – give a basic overview on what the blog is about but not all the information, so a user does not need to read the blog.
  11. Content – try to present the information in a logically order. Try to cover the 5 W’s …Who, What, When, Where, Why.

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