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Our free availability request service takes away all the hassle when searching for the perfect holiday let. Look no further we have created the perfect solution to save you a lot of time! Click here

‘Took seconds to fill out, never seen anything like this before, EXCELLENT idea!

What is an availability request service?

This is a brand new feature we have created on our website. It allows holiday seekers to create a post with all their requirements on for a holiday let.

It takes a few seconds to fill out. We have taken away all your stress! We have created a pre made form with a few checkboxes on for you to fill in. Honestly, that’s all you have to do!

What is needed to use this service?

An email address! That is all you need to create an account and be able to use the availability request service on our site.

Why do I need to create an account?

An email address is needed so we can create you an account on our site. The account is needed so that owners can send you a message in response to your availability request. We will also save your availability requests on your account so you manage them.

How to post an availability request

Pay the direct rate – not the booking site rate

Is the availability request service FREE?

Yes, completely FREE to use. Holiday seekers are not charged to use any features on our site. Click here to create one.

How many availability requests can I post?

You can post an unlimited amount of availability requests on ListDirect in search of the right accommodation and location.

What are the benefits of posting an availability request?

Goes without saying you save yourself endless hours searching multiple booking sites looking for accommodation that suits your requirements.

There are so many more benefits for using ListDirect to find a holiday let. You book direct with the owner. You save yourself a lot of money as you pay their direct rates and not their inflated rates on booking sites. That’s right majority of booking sites you use have a lot of extra fees!

Why pay more than you have to

What happens after I post my request?

Your availability request will be published in our owners area. If owners can match your requirements they will be in touch.

How long does my availability request stay visible for?

After you post an availability request it will only stay visible to owners for 14 days. We believe this is enough time for owners to respond and for you to find your perfect holiday let. To save you getting emails after this time we automatically delete the post for you- so you don’t have to.

*Currently allowing posts to stay on for 90 days, with the service being new**

Same owners, same holiday lets, you just book direct!

No response to my availability request?

Possibly no owners have availability for your requirements. Try posting another availability request with more flexibility on dates, location or type of property.

Now you have created an account you can always message an owner direct through our website if you see a property that catches your eye.

Why not just post in a Facebook group

There has been a rise in holiday makers using social media to search for a holiday let. Due to the algorithms on Facebook 9 times out of 10 your posts are not seen by many owners, resulting in you not always getting the most competive rate.

There are a lot of holiday let groups created with so many rules!! A lot of holiday let owners find searching through endless Facebook groups and reading posts extremely time consuming and in most cases not beneficial for them to do.

Unfortunately, Facebook groups have become a playground for ‘scammers’. It is so easy to impersonate a holiday let owner in these groups! This has massively tarnished the credibility of genuine holiday let owners making people very hesitant in booking direct.

Verified owners will display a green tick on their account

Book direct, with confidence

ListDirect aims to eradicate all the opportunists who have taken advantage of people by creating scams associated with booking direct. We offer to verify all owners who advertise on our site. Once verified, an owner’s account will display a green tick. As a holiday seeker you can then book with confidence, knowing you are contacting the genuine holiday let owner. 

We operate strict protocols and rigorous security checks when verifying owners.  All owners meet with us via a video call and provide legal documentation to prove their identity along with ownership documentation of their holiday accommodation.

Have you joined our Facebook group?

We have 2 Facebook groups for owners to share links to their accommodation and any offers they may have on. One group is for all ListDirect owners and the second group is only for verified ListDirect owners to post in. As a holiday seeker you can start to plan your next getaway with the help of our groups.

Help our groups grow invite everyone you know!

The more requests for holidays we get, the more owners that will sign up to ListDirect. The more owners listed, the more choice you will all get for better value holiday accommodation.

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