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ListDirect is an adverting platform for holiday let owners to increase their revenue and direct bookings. There are lots of ways you can divert traffic for free and increase the amount of direct bookings you receive by using your ListDirect link or our tips below.

ListDirect NOT List Direct

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

When typing ListDirect please ensure you spell it correctly, predictive text may try to change what you type and separate ListDirect in to 2 words.

ListDirect spelt as one word – our website and your holiday let show as number 1 on a search engine.

ListDirect, we rank number 1 on Google, Microsoft, Bing and Yahoo.

List Direct spelt as two words – we do not show and neither does your holiday let as number 1 on a search engine.

If someone comes across your text and does a search, you could lose a booking. Ensure a holiday seeker always finds you, use ListDirect as one word.

Stay consistent – proven in psychology

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

We must stay consistent. Research shows that people need to see something around 7 times to start remembering it. We have to stay consistent. Sharing one post will not encourage our friends and family to use ListDirect and more importantly remember the name ListDirect.

No one will remember 100s of individual holiday let websites to book direct with an owner. Everyone will remember a trusted website where all holiday let owners advertise and most importantly where they will save money and pay the direct rate.

We are in a really a strong position! Owners who advertise on ListDirect are spreading the word all over the world. Our possible reach is enormous. We know the facts, now lets work with the facts. Ensure we do everything we possibly can so that everyone not only knows what ListDirect has to offer, but never forgets the name.

Sometimes it may feel like you are treading treacle but all the little things you can do now will help your holiday let business and increase your revenue in the future.

Favourites – always be found

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

How many times do you think someone comes across your accommodation, likes your account on social media, takes a business card, maybe jots down your details on a piece of paper. To book your property in the future

When someone comes to book your accommodation, can’t remember your business name to find you again amongst all the accounts they like and follow. Your business card or direct details were saved in that safe place where they can not be found again. It all results in your business missing out on a possible booking.

Our ‘Add to Favourites’ feature allows a user on our site to save your holiday let and direct details to their ListDirect account. Your direct details will never be lost again. Users can also use this feature as a wish list for accommodation in the future, when browsing our site.

Remind anyone who does contact yourself via ListDirect of this feature so your details are never lost.

ListDirect Facebook page – where we all go viral

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

This is where we all go viral! For FREE! If you haven’t already please follow and like the official ListDirect Facebook page so you start seeing our posts on your newsfeed. If we all get behind these posts it will not be long until everyone knows the name ListDirect and how it benefits everyone. This will increase traffic to the website, which will increase traffic to your holiday let to secure more direct bookings .

Interaction on this page is important, to help understand how it works and what we all have to do please read this blog. Post on this page can go viral our post can appear on the newsfeed of an account that does not follow ListDirect.

If you do not start seeing our posts on your newsfeed head over to the ListDirect Facebook page and interact with the posts there. It costs nothing to interact on a Facebook post, we can go viral.

Like, share, comment, watch are all ways you can interact with a post on our Facebook page.

Your unique ListDirect link

Every listing on ListDirect has it very own unique URL/website link. This can be found by viewing your holiday let as a holiday seeker on our website and copying the website address.

Local attractions – attract guests

Have you ever booked accommodation because there was an activity or an event close by?

Theater tickets and you decided to make a weekend of it, and stay over. Children want to go to an attraction that is a long drive away, so you decide to make it in to a family adventure and stay over. Climbing a mountain, cycle route or walking trail and need to be there early, what better than to stay over with your friends or take the family for the weekend.

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

Creating a photo collage of what attractions your area has to offer may be the reason a holiday seeker books your accommodation.

Be clever about it, display the images but not the names of the attraction when you share the photo collage on social media. Someone may see your photo collage and book a nearby accommodation if they know the names of the attractions.

All the details you need will be in your welcome pack. Edit the photo collage with the names and location so your guests can find them when the stay.

1 second to stop the scroll


We all do it, we will be scrolling through our options on a website looking for that certain something! Do we read the title – NO. Do we click to read more – NO. Do we enquire, if we can not see it in the images – NO. Do we expect to see what we are looking for there and then? YES

Which holiday let catches your attention? Why? Are you showing what your business has to offer?

Using a photo collage to show what your property has to offer could be the reason a holiday seeker stops to look at your holiday let. One search could result in 300 holiday lets showing. People do not have the time to click on your listing and flick through to the 9th picture that showcases everything you have to offer. Don’t lose out on a booking, be sure to stop the scroll.

1st Image of your listing

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

The 1st image on your listing will be the image that is shown on ListDirect to advertise your holiday let.

It will also be the image that is shown when you share your ListDiect URL/link.

What is your USP? What do guests love most about your holiday let? What would you like to see if you were searching for a holiday let?

Unsure your 1st Image shows everything your holiday let has to offer.

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

ListDirect Facebook groups – invite the world and his wife!

We have two Facebook groups for you to advertise your holiday let in. Group 1 – this group is for all ListDirect owners to advertise in. Group 2 – this is for all verified ListDirect owners to advertise in. Would you join a group with 100 members or a group with 50,000 members?

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

To grow the group numbers it would be great if we could all give the groups a kick start!

How to do this? Invite all your friends on Facebook to join. People will trust the groups, as they trust you.

When our members grow, we will be found in more searches, people will join because our groups have a lot of members. More people will see your property.

Let’s be honest, it is what we all do before we join. Check how many members are in the group?

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

ListDirect Facebook groups – post

Members who joined our Facebook groups say they prefer to browse Facebook, hence why they joined our Facebook group. Ensure your property is seen, regularly post your ListDirect link in our Facebook groups. Not sure how to find your ListDirect link? Your ListDirect link is the unique URL/ website address for your property on ListDirect.

ListDirect Facebook groups – interact

If you post in a group with 45k members and you do not get interaction on your posts from batch 1 – the groups top fans. Your post will not get shown to batch two. Now lets explore who is more than likely to be in batch 1 for a holiday let Facebook group.

  • Holiday let owners posting their accommodation, do they interact with your post, NO.
  • Holiday seeker, does the same holiday seeker visit the group every day and interact with posts? No, they usually create a post and read the replies they receive.

So that means, more than likely top fans of the group, batch 1, will be accounts on Facebook that are held by a holiday let owner. More than likely the posts that you posted in multiple Facebook groups was a waste of your time.

Why are our groups different? Our Facebook groups are different as ListDirect is a community of holiday let owners working together. We all interact on each other posts. Why? We understand how the algorithm works, we all help to push your post on to everyone’s newsfeed! However, and this is a massive issue we need to fix, we are capped on the amount of newsfeeds we can reach. The cap is the amount of members in the group, that is why we need everyone’s help to grow the groups!

Remember, when a fellow holiday let owners post appears on someone’s newsfeed and they click on the link your property and direct details also appear. You advertise on ListDirect! A post that promotes book direct along with a website that contains your details, benefits everyone. Pictures of an other owners property may attract someone to the website, where they save your property to their favourites on ListDirect.

Money talks

Why should someone take the risk to book direct? Not all holiday seekers understand what book direct means, let alone that it can save them hundreds of pounds. We have to drive the message of how much ‘cheaper’ accommodation will be, if someone was to book direct. I know a lot of owners dislike the word cheaper but we have to remember a lot of potential holiday seekers can relate to this word and fully understand its meaning.

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

We have all done it, saw a picture of something and thought no point looking any further it will be to expensive. Unfortunately, the images of your property and what it has to offer can lead someone to the conclusion it will be to expensive for them to book and stay.

Lets face it, majority of holiday seekers have paid inflated costs on booking sites for years. They already have preconceived ideas on cost.

Cost will generate more interaction with a post. Everyone discusses a great deal they have just seen or even better just received. Lets give everyone something to talk about, best rates when they book direct!

Hopefully, if a holiday seeker does chose to browse a booking site they will remember where they saw a much better deal on accommodation.

A price can be displayed in so many different ways on endless posts.

  • Week
  • Mid week
  • Weekend
  • 1 Night
  • 2 Nights
  • Low season
  • High season
  • Mid season
  • Can you think of more?

Local beaches or lakes

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

Local beaches and lakes are great for a day out! Free activity that can take up the whole day and cost families nothing but a picnic.

They can be visited in all weathers day or night, it really is a great selling point for a holiday let if you are close to a beach.

A guest has no idea how close you are to your local beach or lake. In our Facebook groups share this information. One selling point of booking direct is communicating directly with a guest and being a fountain of knowledge on the area to help with their stay. Show this side to yourself in our Facebook advertising groups!

Nearest town

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

We sit in traffic all week, race around spinning all the plates we have on the go. Sometimes it’s nice to throw the keys in a bowl and pick them up again at the end of a relaxing weekend.

Being close to a local town that is within walking distance is very appealing and a relaxing weekend away for many. Everything they need, on their door step.

Only you can ensure a holiday seeker is aware of how close your holiday let is to your local town and what in has to offer. Your ListDirect owner’s how-to handbook talks you through how to make this collage. Great way to stop people scrolling and book your accommodation, to visit what your local town has to offer.

Keep the children occupied

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

Is there something children will enjoy close by? A photo collage is a great way to display this.

After a stressful weekend, children bored, family fights, what do people do? Sit down and scroll Facebook. Scrolling through their newsfeed an this pops up along with your ListDirect link. What do you think will be the first thing that someone thinks? Is it free next weekend!

Showing a rage of children’s activities for all ages is a great way to promote your holiday let. You are also offering that ‘something’ different that holiday seekers don’t get on a booking site. Share your images in our Facebook groups, let our members see how helpful and approachable you are as an owner.

Food – we all love it

ListDirect - Free ways to help increase your direct bookings using ListDirect |

What’s that saying we hear mums say lot… I have been chained to the kitchen sink all day! Not everyone’s idea of a relaxing holiday is cooking every night. Knowing their are restraunts nearby to your holiday can make that relaxing weekend you are advertising a lot more appealing.

Nice glass of wine, great food, no cooking, no dishes, what a weekend! A weekend we all dream of from time to time.

A photo collage to show what restaurants are close by to your holiday let, could help secure a booking. Some people may be on a budget, some holiday seekers may not be. Including a £ (money) sign is a great way to show restaurants in your area cater for everyone who stays at your holiday let.

Owners account image

What would you prefer? A logo or an image of an actual person when booking direct. This is a hard one as we all want to show that we are running a professional holiday let business and we are told we need a logo for our business to look professional. Yet we want a holiday seeker to feel confident and trust they are booking with the genuine owner of the holiday let, which a personal image creates. Our video on an owners account shows what a holiday seeker will see, put yourself in their shoes, we all hear so much information about scams associated with book direct what makes your account more trustworthy to a nervous holiday seeker booking direct for the first time?

Mailing list

Have you let past holiday seekers know you are now list on Great way to stay in touch and keep them up to date.

Do your past guests know you are verified? Another great reason to make contact with previous guests.

Work as a community, let every know on your mailing list of a brand new website where they can book direct with a holiday let owners. We all have this vast audience to advertise to, that trust you. Never see this as you are driving a booking to another owner, if they have not booked your accommodation they will be booking another accommodation on another platform. Lets ensure all our guests use a platform that benefits us all. Another owners past guest may be your next booking.

Good bye to guests

Below are some ideas on how to let guests know about ListDirect when they leave. If 200 owners let each reservation know where they could find our direct details, 10,400 reservations would now know about ListDirect. What if every reservation came with 4 adults, 41,600 people who know know the best site to go to, to book direct. Can you see how quick the word will spread. If we all do this, we all benefit, The more booking that find you direct the more time you concentrate on the dates you need to fill to reach full occupancy.

We hope you enjoyed your stay, we are registered on ListDirect, here is our link ( ..LINK/ULR.. ) save us in your favorites in case you would ever like to stay again in the future.

We hope booking direct with ourselves and receiving the best rate will encourage you to book direct with more verified owners on

We hope you choose to stay with us again, if you are lookin for a different location we recommend book direct with verified worldwide holiday let owners for the best rates when

Enquires you can not accommodate

We all receive enquiries we can not accommodate, we have a template message below that you can use to copy and paste to help divert traffic away from booking sites.

Unfortunately we can not accommodate your enquiry. Can we recommend a website where holiday let owners advertise their property and direct details. You pay the direct rate and not the over inflated rate that booking sites charge holiday seekers. There is a facility on their website to post an availability request owners will respond with their availability. If you use Facebook you can post a request in their group We hope you find accommodation soon.

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