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Excellent news! We have a process in place were you can become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect, to help secure your business more direct bookings. We have created the process were no confidential details are sent to ListDirect nor saved our end.

It is time as holiday let owners we all stand together and make booking direct a safe and secure community for holiday seekers.

Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect Logo

Verified ListDirect badge – Personalised QR code

Issues holiday let owners face with book direct

We understand the problems that arise when it comes to someone trusting an owner and booking direct. It is a shame that genuine owners who have started a holiday let business are now, through no fault of our their own are being questioned if they are the owner.

Unfortunately the amount of ‘scammers’ taking advantage of holiday makers, is only increasing. We want to make ListDirect a safe place for guests to book with confidence. We offer the opportunity for owners who advertise on ListDirect to become verified.

Becoming a verified holiday let owner, will give people the reassurance they need, to book direct with yourself and not use a 3rd party booking website, increasing your revenue.

Who can become verified?

You must be the owner of the property to become verified. In order for ListDirect to verify you as a holiday let owner you must first list you holiday let on our website. Information on joining can be found here. Once you have listed your property, text 07467188833 to become verified. We will schedule a video call to verify your account.

What we do?

We act as an independent 3rd party, giving holiday seekers peace of mind that they are booking with a genuine holiday let owner. Scammers have taken full advantage in our industry due to the fact creating a Facebook account/page or even a website advertising a holiday let is very easy to do. Becoming verified offers reassurance when booking direct.

  • We confirm your identity.
  • We confirm you own the property.
  • We confirm you run a holiday let.
ListDirect - Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect |

Why should I become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect?

  • We validate you are the genuine owner of the holiday let, to help secure your business with more direct bookings.
  • Holiday let owners are generated unique URLs(website links) on our website. This prevents you having to share your Airbnb, booking. com or any other booking site URL(website link) to validate your identity.
  • Having a verified status will help build trust between yourself and someone looking to book your accommodation direct.
  • Help to create a secure book direct community.
ListDirect - Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect |

How will people know I am a verified ListDirect owner?

1. Your account will display a green tick.
  • There will be a green tick on your owners account on ListDirect.
  • Your owners account is visible on your holiday let listing.
  • If you respond to an availability request on our website, holiday seekers are supplied an automatic link to your owners account.
Become a genuine verified holiday let owner on ListDirect
Verified Holiday Let Owners Account Green tick
become a verified holiday let owner listdirect
Non Verified Holiday Let Owners Account No green tick
2. Bespoke ListDirect verified owners badge.
  • JPG – contains a white background
  • PNG – Transparent background
  • QR code

This badge can be used everywhere and anywhere you advertise your holiday let.

  • Validates you own the holiday let.
  • Ensures guests pay your direct fee.
  • Commission free bookings.
Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect badge
Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect badge
Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect badge
QR code

Benefits of becoming a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect

  • You can use the URL to your verified owners account on ListDirect to post/share in Facebook groups when advertising your holiday let. If you are unsure how to find your URL, you will find a video in here.
  • Guests can book with confidence knowing you are the genuine owner of the holiday let.
  • Advertise on our Instagram account read more.
  • Advertise in our weekly text messaging service.
  • We will promote your property on our Facebook page and groups.
  • You can use your verified badge on your website, social media accounts and any promotional material you create. The QR code on your verified ListDirect badge, when scanned goes direct to your owners account on ListDirect which contains all your direct contact details.
ListDirect - Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect |

How do I become a verified ListDirect owner?

Becoming a verified holiday let owner is really straight forward and easy to do. We have ensured that our process does not require you to send copies of your private documents to ourselves. We do not store or save any proof of ownership needed to become verified. We do everything over a video call, giving you peace of mind that none of your details are in another companies hand.

  1. List your holiday let on our website, more information here.
  2. WhatsApp ListDirect ( 07467 188833 , UK ).
  3. Video call, to show your documents.
  4. Your account will become verified.
  5. Your ListDirect verified badge will be issued.
ListDirect - Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect |

How do I get my verified badge?

All verified ListDirect badges are personalised to every owner. Its goes without saying this takes a little bit of time to set up and create. We will email you, your verified badge usually within 14 days.

How do I show ListDirect the information needed to become a verified owner?

This will be done over a video call. Your camera must be switched on in order to show the documents. Please do not sent any documents to ListDirect.

ListDirect - Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect |

What documentation is needed to become verified?

All documentation to become a verified owner on ListDirect must contain your name. We will not verify any accounts that fail to provide all the documents we request during the video call.

1.Prove your identity – only 1 form needed. ID must be valid (in date).
  • Passport
  • Drivers license
  • Residency card
2.Prove you own the property and it is a holiday let

Please note if you List multiple holiday lets we will need a document that contains your name and each property name/address. We are receiving a lot of enquiries from OTAs this is to help ensure that only owners are listed on the website. This is not an exhaustive list, it gives you an idea of what documentation we would accept.

  • Council tax letter – that states second home
  • SIREN / SIRET number
  • Certificat d’inscription au répertoire des entreprises et des établissements
  • Business rates approval from the council for the holiday let
  • Insurance document – states the property is used as a rental
  • Insurance document – public liability needs to have reference to the holiday let on
  • Site fees
  • Entity / community fees
  • Rental income tax
  • Mortgage document

Please do not sent any documents needed to become a verified holiday let owner to ListDirect

How do I book a video call?

**Due to the high demand at the moment we finding it is quicker if you WhatsApp ListDirect ( 07467 188833 , UK ). In your message please state the name on your account on ListDirect and some days and times you are available.

With the service being free at the moment we are not making appointments in advance, they will be made on the day. We find this works better for owners.

Please note we have 10/15 min slots. Please ensure you have all your documents ready and if you get chance please watch our overview video for owners on ListDirect. If any questions arise, they can be addressed via the video call.

Where can I put my verified ListDirect badge?

We have started to create a list of all the places you could display your verified ListDirect badge. You can display this badge everywhere and anywhere, to show you are a verified ListDirect owner! If you have anymore ideas or some good examples we could share on this page please do send them to us

  • Website – the landing page of a user on your website can vary depending on the link they use. If you display the badge on your home page but your booking calendar page on your site receives the most traffic the badge will be missed by a potential guest, could lose your business a booking. It might be a good idea to put the badge on multiple pages of your website, this way no matter what page a user views they know you are the genuine owner.
  • Facebook account – remember the Facebook algorithms. To ensure your friend on Facebook does not miss the post containing your verified status repeatedly share your badge. Possibly even create a new banner image (the long photo at the top of your FB page) that contains your verified badge. Allows someone following you to scan the QR code instead of typing in your website address.
  • Instagram account – every time you create a post it pushes your previous posts down on your grid (the pictures on your account). Not every users will scroll through all your images, you can ensure all users that visits your account see your verified status. This is achieved by continually sharing your ListDirect verified badge, so it stays at the top of your grid for a user to see. Have you ever created a reel or a story on your Instagram account? You can display you badge here as well.
  • Twitter account – who knows who might stumble across your account. Who would you book direct with? a verified owner or a non verified owner.
  • Picture collage – not everyone reads a post, a lot of people prefer to look at images. A great way to show you are verified is to use your verified badge on the image. Not all social media platforms you might share images on allow a URL to be clickable in the text, your QR code gets around this issue. If people like what they see, they can easily scan your unique QR code and be taken direct to all your contact information.
  • Welcome pack
  • Departure message

Top tip – it will also improve the SEO of your own website having a link to another website. When you upload your ListDirect verified badge also include your URL to ListDirect. You can do this in 2 ways. 1. display the link 2. ebbed the like in text or an image. It will also help if people do not have their phone when browsing your website to scan the QR code by haveing a clickable link. Having a link to another website on ALL your website pages is loved by search engines. Helps to improve your ranking, you can use all the URLs (listing link and owners account link) to your pages on ListDirect to vary URLs on your website.

FAQ on becoming a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect

Does ListDirect store the data needed to become a verified owner?

No, ListDirect will not store any data that is need to become verified.

What platforms can be used for the video call?

We use two free platforms Facebook messenger or WhatsApp, if there is another platform you would prefer please email

WhatsApp – this is the easiest platform to use.

Facebook messenger – we are unable to video calls over our Facebook page, please message us and we will send you a link to a Facebook account that you can add

What device can be used for the video call?

You can use your mobile phone, as long as it has a camera on the device. Computer / desktop / laptop, the device must have a camera and mic facility.

Please keep the device as still as possible for the documents to be able to be read. It may also be helpful if you are using a phone to turn the camera around, then you can see what we can see when you are showing the documents.

What if everything is in my partners name but I manage the listing?

Not a problem. Yourself and your partner will need to be present on the video call. You will both need to show proof identity. Your partner will just need to give consent for yourself to deal with the listing.

Do all owners go through the same verification process?

Yes all owners go through the same verification process. The only thing that might alter slightly is the documentation shown as proof as this differs from each country.

ListDirect - Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect |
Verified badge displayed on an owners website

Is my Facebook page, website or airbnb enough proof that I am the owner?

Setting up a Facebook page/account is very easy to do and requires no formal identification. As we are all aware this is how a lot of scams are taking place. The same goes for a website. We would not accept this as proof as ownership.

Whilst Airbnb do ask for proof of identity – we would still not accept a link to your account as proof. We only accept formal legal documents, that have be shown to ourselves, with yourself present.

We do have Facebook groups you can advertise in.

Is there a Facebook group I can advertise in?

We have created two ListDirect Facebook group for all owners to advertise in. I have also created another ListDirect Facebook group where only verified owners can post in. Both groups ONLY allow owners on ListDirect to post. You must share a link to your ListDirect account or listing to advertise your property, more information can be found here. Help the groups grow, invite everyone you know in to the group.

ListDirect - Become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect |

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