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Here you will find all the frequently asked questions from people have who use ListDirect looking for a self catering holiday let.

Are the properties on ListDirect listed by the owners

Yes, the properties listed on ListDirect have been listed by the holiday let property owner themselves. This means you contact the holiday let owner direct when you want to book or enquire about the holiday let.

Saving you money by avoiding booking fees charged by website like Aribnb, etc.

How do I contact an owner

If you would like to message an owner through the website, you will need a ListDirect account. An account is really easy to setup, you just need an email address.

Majority of owners advertise their website or Facebook page. You can contact owners direct by following the link provided.

Check out the frequently asked questions on owners direct platforms for information on their property.

How do I book a property

All bookings are done direct with the holiday let owner. Some owners list their direct details on their owners account. Some owners prefer to be messaged privately via the ListDirect messaging facility.

You may also find on some listings that the owner has put a link to their website or social media account. Information shared on holiday lets vary depending on the owner.

We are frequently asked questions from guests, please rmember ListDirect is an advertising website enabling you to book direct with the owner of holiday lets, we are not a booking website.

Each owner will have their own frequently asked questions on booking their property on their websites.

Who do I pay

All bookings go direct to the holiday let owner. Each owner will have their preferred payment method. Check out their frequently asked questions for more information.

Do guests have to pay a commission fee on bookings they make through ListDirect?

No, we do not take any booking fees. The aim of the site is for guests to get the owners details and contact them directly, this cuts out out any additional fees put on a booking by third party websites.

We are an advertising website not a booking website

How do I post an ad request

It can be stressful looking for a holiday let. ListDirect have created a page where you can post a request.

You will find the post a request button on the menu bar at the top of your screen

Post a request button on a computer

Frequently asked questions post a request button on a computer ListDirect

Post a request button on a phone 

FAQ post a request button on a phone ListDirect

Ensure you fill in all the checkboxes correctly. The checkboxes are linked to our search and filter faculties that owners use to find requests that suit their accommodation. Filling in the checkboxes incorrectly could result in your request not showing to relevant owners.

What happens after I fill in an availability request

Your availability request will be sent to ListDirect to approve. Once approved you will receive and email (please check your spam). Your request will then be posted on the owners availability request page.

We have not commented on all the details, on our frequently asked questions page about posting requests more information can be found here.

What happens after my availability request is posted on the request page

Owner will be able to see your availability request and make you an ‘offer’ for their holiday let. Check your messages – messages can be found in your account.

How do I sign in to my account

The sign in bottom is located in the menu at the top of the page

Sign in button on a computer

Sign In on List Direct

Sign in button on a phone 

FAQ sign In button on list direct holiday let website

How do I complain about my holiday let

Any complaints are to be made direct with the owner. ListDirect is an advertising platform and we do not deal with complaints during you stay.

A property is falsely advertised

If you come across a property that is advertised incorrectly, we would suggest contacting the owner to make them aware. You can contact ListDirect to look in to matters further.

How can I learn more about ListDirect

We have lots of different media platforms we use to inform people about ListDirect.

Is it free for a holiday maker to use the website?

This is one of the many frequently asked questions we get a lot.

Yes, ListDirect is free for holiday makers to use the website.

Will I be charged anything by ListDirect ?

No, ListDirect do not charge you anything to use the website or to contact owners.

Is there a limit on the amount of owners I can contact

No, if you like the look of a few holiday lets on the website then feel free to contact the owners direct to enquire more about their property.

Should I be wary if an owner asks for a bank transfer?

No, a lot of genuine owners still use this preferred method of payment. The reason being owners need to pay to have a booking system on their website that facilitates payments. For some owners this cost is simply is too expensive.

These systems can be very complicated to set up, especially if an owner advertises through another booking site. Both calendars must sync up to prevent double bookings – which is not always possible. By paying through a bank transfer the owner can manually override calendars and mark off your stay – prevents any double bookings.

Owners will in some cases have to pay a percentage of each transfer that is done through a booking system on their website – this cost would need to be incorporated in the overall booking price. A bank transfer ends up being the cheapest and most simple method of payment, as it is free to do.

Do I have more security booking through an agent and not direct

The same owners that advertise too book direct would be the same owners advertising through a booking site. Owners can still cancel bookings, even if you book through a 3rd party. The owners terms and conditions are still in place when you book through an agent. The only difference is you pay a company more money to book the accommodation through them as they will charge you a booking fee, or add on commission.

Booking direct gives you a lot more added extras that you would not get booking through a 3rd party. Owners can offer you discounts, alter your stay length, discuss the property in great detail, check it is suitable and you can ask the owners questions.

Is their a ListDirect Facebook group, where owners advertise

Yes, we have created a ListDirect Facebook group for all owners to advertise and share any offers they have on. We also have another Facebook group where only verified owners can post.

Feel free to join both groups and invite as many people you know, to help save them money on their next self catering holiday.

If you can not find what you are looking for on our frequently asked questions from guests, please do contact us direct

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