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Owners who have received the most enquiries and secured bookings via ListDirect have all created and personalised their owners account. Your owners account is visible to all holiday seekers when they view your property. It is a great way to help someone ‘buy’ in to yourself and your business.

When you respond to an availability request a holiday seeker will also be taken to your owners account.

It takes seconds to set up! Below we have also documented everything in more detail. This very short video explains how to personalise your owners account.

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Owners account not personalised

Below are images that a user will see if you do not personalise your owners account on ListDirect. Your account will show a grey avatar, which does not help holiday seekers ‘buy’ in to you being the genuine owner of the holiday let. Would you book direct with the an account that looked like this?

View from a listing

How to create and personalise an owners account for your holiday let listing not personalised on a listing

View from an owners account

How to create and personalise an owners account for your holiday let listing not personalised

Personalised owners account

Below are examples of personalised owners accounts, this is what a user will see on your listing and owners account. If you were booking direct for the first time, would this give you reassurance you were booking direct with the genuine owner?

Data at the moment is not showing that users prefer accounts with logos or images of a person on more. At the moment we do not stipulate what images can be used on your account. This currently up to you.

View from a listing

How to create and personalise an owners account for your holiday let listing personalised

View from an owners account

How to create and personalise an owners account for your holiday let listing personalised description

Create an owners account


Select the sign in button in the menu bar to create an account. All you will need an email address. Please ensure that you enter in your email address correctly.

create an owners account on listdirect


how to create an owners account listdirect settings page
create an owners account on listdirect settings page

Select Image – button to upload/ change an account image. 

Frist name – is only visible for you to see

Last Name – is only visible for you to see

Display name – this is the name that will show on your account, visible to users. MUST BE DIFFERENT TO THE PROPERTY NAME. If you do not enter in a name the system will automatically generate you a name.

Profile info – Please check our FAQs for suggestions on what to display here

Some details you may want to list here

  • Who you are, a bit of background information…
  • How you came about owning a holiday let
  • Best way to contact yourself
  • Facebook page 
  • Instagram page 
  • Email address
  • Website

Email – email address that is linked to your account and payment details. This will not be seen on the website.

New password/Current password – this is where you will change the password for your account.

If you make any changes, don’t forget to press save!

What your profile will look like

Here are a few examples of owner accounts on ListDirect Example 1Example 2Example 3

Become verified

more information click here


You can make a few tweaks to your profile info to help improve the SEO on your owners account website page on ListDirect.

1. Title

Repeat the title on your owners account 2-3 times in your profile info. Here is an example of an owner getting creative when trying to repeat their title in their profile info Example.

2. Keywords

Try to use keywords that a holiday seeker may search for on Google when creating your profile info. Here are 2 free websites that you can use to see the most popular words searched for on a search engine Word tracker | Ahrefs. Using key words by users can help to improve your changes on showing for a search result.

3. Duplicate content

If you do copy text from your website or off your listing on an OTA website, please ensure you tweak it slightly. Search engines are very clever and if identical/duplicate content is detected they can prevent a webpage from showing.

12. The obvious

Ensure you have no spelling mistakes in your profile info. Search engines scan for spelling errors, it will flag up their end and will stop search engines showing your advertisement in searches if spelling errors are detected.

Ensure your sentences flow, it can be hard trying to get as many key words as possible in your profile info. If you just place the keywords on the page and not in a grammatically correct sentence, a search engine will know and it will cause problems for your owners account.

Profile from the availability request service

create an owners account on listdirect view

The availability request service on ListDirect has been created to save you time. When you create an offer, an automatic link is generated to your owners account.

All the properties listed under your account will be shown along with all the information you have created for your profile info.

It is important your owners account is personalised and up to date as it is used elsewhere on the website.

How to edit your owners account

You can edit your account details at anytime by signing in to the website – my account – settings. Follow the same instructions on how to create an owner account for how to edit your owner account.

We recommend using the link (URL) to your ListDirect owners account in Facebook groups and on your website, especially if you a verified owner. People are wary when booking direct with an owner. When you create an owners account on ListDirect and become verified you can show potential guests that your a genuine owner.

We have also created our own Facebook group for all owners to advertise their property in. There is also another Facebook group for all verified owners to post their holiday let in. Every post must contain a link to your ListDirect account or listing.

Please do join and increase your holiday let profile by sharing your links (URL’s). Feel free to hare the groups with your Facebook friends. The more people know about a website were they can book direct with a verified holiday let owner, the more bookings we will all receive.

ListDirect - How to create and personalise an owners account for your holiday let listing |

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