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How to list a property on ListDirect, here you will find everything you need know. We also have information here on how to ensure your advertisement meets search engines requirements.

How to list a property on ListDirect – video

We strongly recommend watching the video while you upload your property as it talks you through each step.

How to list a property on ListDirect – explained


Select images button – this if for you to upload images of your property. You can upload 1-10 images. Alter your images so the one that will attract the views is first, as this is the image that will show to people scrolling through the website. We recommend images of pools, hot tubs or amazing views to be the first image.

How to list a property on ListDirect images
We suggest uploading the same image that you may have uploaded on other sites. This way guests will recognize your property if they have seen it advertised on another site.


Ensure you give your property has an unique title. Your title must be between 52-59 characters, no more than 60 characters.

How to list a property on ListDirect title


I have set up google maps on the website. I have programmed it so that the map does not show a pin point instead a blue circle. In the future, we may change this to show the exact pinpoint location. You can either enter in your exact postcode or area. It is just to give people a rough idea where your property is located.


Select your currency option. If your option is not there, please email me and I will add it on. For now you will have to select any currency for your listing to complete. You can then go back and edit it when I have added in your option.

Low Season Night Price From / High Season Night Price From

We all have so many different pricing structures. I felt having a nightly guide price was a lot more similar for someone looking to enquire. This can easily be multiplied by how many nights, where if we displayed a weekly price it is a lot more confusing for guests who may want 4 nights as an example.

Only enter in a numerical value. Do not include currency, I have programmed it to say

Low season from £(your price) per night

High season from € (your price) per night


How to list a property on ListDirect checkboxes

A list of specifics need to be filled out for your property.

Please ensure that what you select, is an accurate representation of your listed property.

The options listed are what users will select in our filter systems. To ensure your property is shown in filters, that guests may use, select as many as possible that suit your property.

Some options only allow 1 checkbox to be selected. Whilst others allow multiple selections. You will be notified of this when you come to save if any selections have been missed. A message box will appear at the top of the page after you press save.

Please correct anything it asks for – your property will not save if there is an error box.

If you feel there is an option missing from the checkboxes when you list a property, then please do email us –


It is really important that the text in your description hits the requirements that search engines set out – failure to this could result in your advertisement not showing in searches. All the information you need can be found here. I copied and pasted all the text for my description off my website, then I just altered it slightly to meet the requirements for search engines.

How to alter a property on ListDirect – video

Altering a property can be done at any time via your owners account. Log in to ListDirect and select the grey shape of a person in the top right had corner (my account). This will take you to your account.

On the left hand side select listings. All the listings you have under your account will be listed here. Select the listing you want to edit and then follow the same instructions on how to advertise on a property on List Direct at the top of this page. 

Don’t forget to share the URL to your property in our ListDirect Facebook groups, Group 1, Group 2.

Please help our groups grow, invite everyone you know!

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