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Improve your holiday let profile on Instagram by working with ListDirect to help increase your properties exposure and generate more direct bookings. FREE advertising, NO costs involved!

Is your holiday let verified?

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Improve your holiday let profile on Instagram

Help us, to help you improve your exposure on Instagram. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Invite listdirect_holiday_lets_direct to collaborate on a post or reel.
  • Mention listdirect_holiday_lets_direct in your story.
  • #ListDirect #listdirect_holiday_lets_direct on a post or reel.
  • Tag listdirect_holiday_lets_direct on a post or reel.

All of the above is free advertising for your holiday let business. Take full advantage of the FREE exposure.

Link to the official ListDirect Instagram account.

ListDirect - Improve your holiday let profile on Instagram by working with ListDirect |

How will it benefit my holiday let?

Not many people know the term book direct or the benefits they receive when they do not use a 3rd party website to book a holiday let. Instagram is a great platform to help raise your profile and get this message across, for FREE. It is always good to keep your Instagram account active, with recent posts or stories .

Appear on ListDirect’s Instagram grid

The collaborate option gets your post or reel in more sections on our Instagram account, as appose to tagging. When you invite listdirect_holiday_lets_direct to collaborate the post or reel will also end up on our grid (the home screen of our Instagram account).

How do I collaborate with ListDirect?

Create a post or reel as you would do normally. When you get to the end screen just before sharing, you will see the option Tag People. Select Tag People. You have 2 options, add tag or invite collaborator. Select invite collaborator and search for listdirect_holiday_lets_direct. Press done, share the post or reel as you would do normally.

What content can I use?

Take a look at our Instagram page to see what content other owners are creating, might give you a few ideas. Suggestions we have:

  • Verified ListDirect badge
  • Advertisement on ListDirect
  • Inside your holiday let
  • Your USP
  • Hot tub – Pool
  • Walks, bike rides, scenery, castles, local attractions etc.
  • Special offers, prices, dates available, how to book etc.

If you are feeling really brave, you could star in the reel doing one of the viral dances or sayings.

Always best to focus on one point per reel or post, to much information and people will lose interest.

What is better tag or collaborate?

Collaborate, it will increase your exposure as your post or reel will show in more sections, specifically the main grid on our Instagram account. This is the grid people see first when they view our account. We have attached a video to show you how to collaborate with ListDirect.

ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook

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Instagram Story

On your home feed on Instagram you will see little circles at the top, in each circle is the profile image of an account. Behind this image is a story created from that account (if they have created a story). A story is just another way to display images and videos on your Instagram account (in a nutshell). There are different users on Instagram, you have users who prefer to look at stories, users who prefer to scroll their newsfeed and users who like to do both.

How do I advertise on ListDirect’s story?

Create a story > Select the button at the top of the screen, looks like a smiley face in a square > Search for ‘Mention’ > Select ‘Mention’ > now type listdirect_holiday_lets_direct > If you follow our page already then our account should start to show as you type, simply select. Once you share your story we will get notified and re share on our story.

What is the aim of the ListDirect Stories?

Our aim is to have a constant stream of stories that advertise your holiday let to a potential book direct guest on our ListDirect Instagram account. We hope our stories will also help to educate our followers on book direct and the benefits they will receive when booking direct with a holiday let owner who advertises on our website. Hopefully ListDirect will become the new go to place find the best book direct deal on a holiday let.

What do I include in my story?

What are the main questions you get asked when you are advertising your holiday let? What would you like to see if your were looking for a holiday let?

  • Pictures
  • Price
  • Availability

These are the main questions people ask an owner when looking for a holiday let, so please try to include it on your story when possible. Price is a massive selling point when booking direct as a guest is not paying a booking fee charged by a 3rd party. People may not book today, but they will remember where they saw a better deal advertised. Hopefully ListDirect will be the new go to place to find accommodation and book direct.

Word of mouth blog

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Why do I need to mention ListDirect?

This is how Instagram works, when you mention another Instagram account on your story that account gets a notification and the option to reshare the story on to the story on their account. We are going to use this facility offered by Instagram to reshare your stories on the official ListDirect Instagram account.

What happens if I do not mention ListDirect on my story?

Instagram will not give ListDirect the option to share your story on our ListDirect Instagram story. We will also not get a notification that your have created a story.

How can someone find my details from your story?

When we share the story Instagram includes an automatic link to your Instagram account. When a user clicks on the story we have shared, a link to your Instagram account will appear. This allows a user to click on the link and be taken to your Instagram account. Not only can a user now message your business direct but they will also be able to follow your account.

Owners Facebook group

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Hashtag or Tag ListDirect on a post or reel

Is hashtag and tag the same thing?

No, they work differently. Basic overview:

Hashtags do get slightly more complicated. If your account is private you will not show in a hashtag search. People do not necessarily need to search for the hashtag, accounts can follow a hashtag. When you follow a hashtag you will start to see posts on your home feed from accounts who have used the hashtag.

Where/How do I put a hashtag?

When you create a post or reel a box appears for you to write a description. Now this is up to you, you can write a description and then put the hashtag after or you can just use a hashtag(s). You can put hashtags in the middle of a sentence. E.g. We have now joined #listdirect_holiday_lets_direct you will find ….

You will also see on posts that hashtags are normally separated out by full stops underneath each other to keep the hashtags away from the description text. You can have up to 30 hashtags, but research has shown posts often do better with regards to reach when less #hashtags are used. But this leads in to the world of algorithms, so we will stop here.

ListDirect - Improve your holiday let profile on Instagram by working with ListDirect |

What Hashtags can I use

#listdirect_holiday_lets_direct This is our official ListDirect account on Instagram.

#listdirect This one can also be used incase anyone uses our website name.

Where/ How do I tag ListDirect?

When you create a post or reel the end screen before you post you will see the an option called Tag people. Select this and then select/type listdirect_holiday_lets_direct . This will then ‘link’ your post/reel to our account, but you will only appear on the back section of our Instagram account. Please select collaborate instead of Tag, gives you maximum exposure.

Your post/reel will be found on our official account in the tag section. You will see a square with an avatar in, select this and anything we are tagged in will show here.

ListDirect - Improve your holiday let profile on Instagram by working with ListDirect |

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Do you have an Instagram account for your holiday let?

In order to get involved with raising your profile on Instagram you need an account on Instagram. Instagram is a free social media platform where you can promote your holiday let. You can link your Instagram account to Facebook so when you post on Instagram it post it also posts to Facebook. Great way to save time, and its all FREE. It is really easy to sign up and create an account on Instagram if you have not already.

I do not have an Instagram account

Unfortunately you can only create an Instagram story if you have an Instagram account. We do recommend creating an Instagram account as it will open up your business to wider audience. With our how-to videos on how to use features on Instagram you will soon be an Instagram guru.

My post / reel was deleted

To avoid anything being deleted please private message us on Instagram with the link to your listing or owners account on Instagram. We will only allow verified owners to share content on our account.

We have hundreds of holiday let owners listed on our website. The name on your Instagram account does not always match the name you joined ListDirect with, the name on your listing or the name on your owners account. Please remember ListDirect is free, unfortunately lot of our time is wasted with admin tasks. We want to ensure we use our time create content to help owners. With all this in mind we have taken the decision to ask owners to private message us on Instagram with the link to your listing or owners account on Instagram. This way when posts or reels are created we can check in seconds that you list on our site.

We will only collaborate, share stories and allow tags from verified owners. This is to keep ListDirect secure and help to build a profile where holiday seekers know they are booking with genuine verified owners.

Is there anything ListDirect will not share on their story?

We all know too much information results in not many people reading what you have created. To avoid this we have decided NOT to reshare posts that contain

  • Websites only
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Links

Basically direct contact details, as all this information is not needed. When a user clicks on the story/post/reel they will be able to visit your Instagram account and message yourself direct.

Links will not work when we reshare your story, we don’t want our followers to become frustrated with a story ‘not working’.

Links to websites do not work on a posts or reels like they do on Facebook, always use links in bio on all your captions.

What other ways can I get involved with ListDirect on Instagram?

Instagram works similar to Facebook the more interaction with a post, story or reel the more accounts they will show it to. Don’t forget to like, comment or watch any ListDirect material on Instagram as this will also help to promote a website where your direct details can be found. Hopefully generate your business more direct bookings.

What content can I share

Please look through this article there are loads of suggestions to help get you started. Anything that helps to promote your property, educate holiday seekers on book direct and drive traffic to your listing is a winner. Remember people are mostly interested in location, price and availability when looking for a holiday let and most importantly you can accommodate the party size booking (pets as well).

How often will ListDirect share my story?

Sharing stories from holiday let owners is a new ‘thing’ we are trying. Remember a story is only live for 24 hours, Instagram’s rules. We currently have no limit on the amount or how often we will share stories from one account. It is something we will monitor over time, see what works best and what type of stories our followers prefer. What we do know from current data is posts that contain a discount or a reduced rate get a significantly higher reach count.

How do I create a story on Instagram?

Creating a story is easy once you know how. We have lost of how-to videos for Instagram in your ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook.

How do I create a reel on Instagram?

Creating a reel is easy once you know how. We have lost of how-to videos for Instagram in your ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook.

How do I create a post on Instagram?

Creating a post is easy once you know how. We have lots of how-to videos for Instagram in your ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook.

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