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I have created a ListDirect Newsletter for owners.

I am constantly updating and making enhancements to the website, to help improve the experience for an owner and someone looking for accommodation.

I share a lot of information on Facebook and Instagram, but I understand not everyone uses these platforms, so I have created a ListDirect newsletter.

ListDirect Newsletter For Owners

ListDirect newsletter for owners will be constantly updated – please do keep coming back to read!

As owners we are starting to create a community where we all support each other

April 2022 – ListDirect Newsletter For Owners

Another thing ticked off the list…..When you share the ListDirect link you should now see a green tick – trusted site. Instead of a grey tick – untrusted site

ListDirect - ListDirect Newsletter For Owners - excellent way for you to stay up to date |

If you are verified and not yet received your verified logo please email ListDirect

March 2022 – ListDirect Newsletter For Owners

Help to improve your holiday let on Instagram and gain more followers read more here Improve Your Holiday Let Profile On Instagram – ListDirect

February 2022 – ListDirect Newsletter For Owners


A new video will be released this month to show owners aspect of ListDirect. Please keep an eye out for it.

If anyone secures a booking or is receiving message/enquiries through ListDirect please do let us know here. We would love to hear.

January 2022 – ListDirect Newsletter For Owners

Happy New Year owners!!!

Massive NEWS ListDirect has been having a lot of enquires from holiday seekers through the site. On the 11th January an owner confirmed she had her very first booking through the site confirmed and paid for! The guest booked for the whole of March!

We have increased the ‘Sleeps’ number to sleeps 30+. The number of bedrooms option has been increased to 17+. The number of en-suite bathrooms has increased to 17+. The number of bathrooms increased to 17+. Please do alter your checkboxes if any of theses changes apply to your holiday let, helps your property be found in a search.

I have added Church View and Park View as a Checkbox for views from the property.

Hair Dryer is now a new checkbox added.

I have added a new feature so a user can save a listing as their favorite, they save on their account. Users can then find property with ease on their account that they wanted to rent as a holiday home. You may not get the booking this time but you are on their list for next time.

I have added sofa bed and zip and link beds.

December 2021 – ListDirect Newsletter For Owners

ListDirect Owner’s How-To Handbook released 26 December.

Enclosed garden has been added as a checkbox.

We have changed the journey on how a holiday seeker will navigate around the site. Also how an owner will navigate around the site. What do you think?

We had an amazing group of owners who volunteered to help with the design ideas for our logo! Wow! What a team, some fantastic ideas were shared and built on to create the logo we now have! I can not thank them enough!

The owners area is now under construction – I have been waiting for the logo to re do the ‘how to’ videos.

The banners in the Facebook advertising groups have been updated. Please do invite everyone you know in to the groups.

I am just finishing off some blogs I have created. One of the blogs explains Facebook algorithms.

Our Instagram page has started to get a little remodel, our followers have grew significantly over the past 2 weeks we have over 500 followers! Wow!!

November 2021 – ListDirect Newsletter For Owners

Massive push for owners to get their advertisement ready for search engines. If you have not yet please do watch this video explains what search engines look for in order to show your holiday let in searches. 12 hints, listing a property on ListDirect, maximum exposure

We are working on the logo, hopefully this will be complete in a few weeks? If you have any ideas please do join the design idea group. ListDirect design ideas | Facebook

As soon as the logo is complete, we will start to raise our profile on social media.

October 2021 – ListDirect Newsletter For Owners

This month newsletter focus is a massive push for all owners to get their advertisement SEO ready. Think of SEO as an interview and in order to make it through the selection criteria you need certain ‘qualifications’. Well your advertisement needs certain “qualifications” for google to show it in a search. Here you will find everything you need to gain those crucial qualifications for search engines.

Here you will find all the information on how to pass your SEO qualification.

If you have a few spare minutes please help the site by leaving a review to help encourage more owners to list.

I have created a Facebook group for us all to advertise our ListDirect Link in. Please help the group grow by inviting everyone you know to join. Who knows my Facebook friend might be your next booking!

I have also created a Facebook group to offer technical support to owners should you need it using the website or listing a property.

I have created another Facebook Group for all verified owners to post in.

Technical October 2021 changes

I have added the option to display a low/high season night price. I have opted for night price as it gives users the best idea of rough price depending on their stay length. To display a weekly price I feel is a lot of work for a user to work out how much a weekend would be or a 5 night stay. There are a lot of owners, who have their preferred pricing structure, I feel this covers all avenues. Edit your listing to add the nightly price. This field is used in filters – no data in this field, means your property would not show in searches.

I have added google maps to listings, please note this is an external API – basically means I never made it! I have set it up not to show our exact locations, instead it will show a blue radius. Edit your listing to add the location. This field is used in filters – no data in this field, means your property would not show in searches.

I have changed the font on the website – any thoughts do you like it?

I have slightly changed the wording of the options under OWNER HAS MULTIPLE PROPERTIES TO LET AT THIS LOCATION (OPTIONAL).

I have added less that 5 steps under access. I have added skiing, golf course, club house, driving range, arcade, launderette to on-site facilities.

I have added 3G and 4G as an option under technology

I have added the text ‘access to property:’ and ‘Transport Links’ to make it clear on the side bar. I have changed the text ‘Views’ to ‘View from the Property’.

I have added pool view, lake view and garden view to the views option for listings.

A selection of new ListDirect videos made this month

I use TikTok because 1. I can make the videos a lot quicker 2. the website is changing daily, so it makes no sense to create a professional video just yet as it will be out of date the next day.

September 2021 – ListDirect Newsletter For Owners

SEO has been my main area I have focused on this month. We are running daily crawls, we are seeing massive difference in our SEO score.

If you joined on a test account please join the Facebook group set up for owners on a test account. Here is will be able to give yo more information on other benefits we offer owners on a test account.

A new video has been made to help explain to holiday let owners how ListDirect can help benefit their business. If you know any holiday ley owners please do share with them. Sharing on your social media account to non owners will show people how much they are over charged by 3rd party companies. Hopefully encourage people to book direct.

Have you had chance to read the page I created about how we can all work together as owners? If you haven’t It is well worth a read. A simple share of a post could help raise awareness of the new website. Who knows could get you a booking – never cost a penny.

Technical September 2021 changes

The website was running slow on the current hosts server – I have moved the website to a new host which has massively improved loading time of the website and the pages.

I have added apartment, condo, ranch and penthouse as a property type.

We are now set up to welcome owners from America and Australia.

We have added a new feature for owners who have more than one holiday let at the same location.

Remember any bugs or technical errors you find when using the website, or even changes you think would enhance a users experience can be emailed over to

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