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Welcome to your ListDirect owner’s how-to handbook….

In here you will find everything you need from signing up and listing your property to working collaboratively with ListDirect to help improve your exposure and revenue. Our informative blogs have been created by an owner who understands the ‘behind the scenes’ not all ‘salesmen’ explain. Our very short, but extremely educational how-to videos cater for all levels of experience, produced by qualified teacher. Increase your productivity, increase your revenue but most of all save yourself time and money with your ListDirect owner’s how-to handbook.

Whilst the site is free please check your ListDirect owner’s how-to handbook, everything will be in here.

Overview of ListDirect

A general overview video of ListDirect, explaining how to use functions on the website work and ways to increase your profile. We are constantly improving and updating ways owners can increase their revenue and profile working collaboratively with ListDirect. like everything as soon as a video is produced it is out of date. Below is up to date with everything we currently offer.

Read our blogs?

published further down this page

Listed your holiday let?

If you have already listed your holiday let on ListDirect, please move on to the next section in your ListDirect owner’s how-to handbook.

If you would like more information on joining ListDirect, click here.

Is you listing is pending? Why not work your way through the next section ‘Increase your visibility’.

How-to videos

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Increase your visibility

Follow our quick & easy steps to ensure you cover everything ListDirect has to offer holiday let owners listed on the website. Everything if FREE and in place to help to increase your profile and revenue.

  1. ListDirect advertisement
  2. Become verified
  3. WhatsApp Groups
  4. Free advertising on
  5. Follow us
  6. Holiday let owners

1. ListDirect advertisement

1a. SEO/Bespoke your listing

Our site is scanned by search engines. Help us, help you get more visibility on the web and ensure your listing meets their criteria. Read more

1b. SEO/Bespoke your owners account

Read more or for more videos

1c. How to find your ListDirect link

Every property advertised on ListDirect has its own unique URL/ web address.

2. Become verified

To become a verified holiday let owner on ListDirect, we have created a process where none of your confidential details are sent nor saved our end. Help ListDirect to create a trusted community, let’s remove scams associated with booking direct with a holiday let owner. Read more

ListDirect Owner's How-to Handbook verified badge

3. WhatsApp Groups

Please do join all our WhatsApp groups. There is the facility on WhatsApp to mute a group, this stops you receiving notifications on your phone. You can archive a group so you no longer see it on WhatsApp. Both mute and archive allow you to still be part of the groups, allowing you to read messages when you have the time. We are also transitioning to individual texts instead of WhatsApp groups for some services.

To join text 07467188833 with your ListDirect URL or name on the account, we will do the rest.

ListDirect Owner's How-to Handbook Whatsapp groups

3a. Press Release

This WhatsApp group is to ensure you are kept up to date with everything

  • Website update
  • New how-to videos uploaded
  • Blogs released to increase revenue
  • Free training courses

Don’t miss out on anything we will release.

3b. Last Minute Deals

This WhatsApp group is where we share last minute deals for Verified ListDirect owners. Notices will be given in the press release WhatsApp group and on the ListDirect owners Facebook group.

Please do join and send through deals using our pre-made template.

3c. Support/Reminders/Help

This group is for verified ListDirect owners. Whether you need support or the reminder to post on social media. Maybe just acknowledgement you are not on your own in doing it. 🌞It all FREE🌞

💪Lets get active 💪Save money

💪Generate more direct bookings

4. Free advertising on…

4a. Facebook advertising group

Holiday Lets Book With The Owner Direct - ListDirect qr code
Join our Facebook group for all owners click here

This Group is for all ListDirect owners to advertise their holiday let property on Facebook. What do you need to do? Join and invite everyone you know to the group. Share your ListDirect links and interact on posts.

Read more

4b. Profile boost on Instagram

ListDirect Instagram account qr code
Instagram page click here

Work collaboratively to help improve your holiday let profile on Instagram. The official Instagram page for ListDirect, where we can all ensure ListDirect goes viral on Instagram, generating your business more direct bookings.

Read more

5. Follow us on

5a. Follow our Facebook page

ListDirect Holiday Let Owners Advertising Website qr code
Facebook page click here

Official Facebook Page for ListDirect. This is where we can all ensure ListDirect goes viral on Facebook. What do you need to do? Like and Follow the page. Continually interact with posts on the page.

5b. Follow our YouTube channel

ListDirect Youtube QR code
YouTube channel click here

Official YouTube channel for ListDirect. .

5c. Follow us on TikTok

ListDirect Tiktok Qr Code
TikTok account click here

Official TikTok account for ListDirect.

6. Holiday let owners

6a. Owners only Facebook group

ListDirect - Technical Support Group qr code
Join our ListDirect owners only Facebook group click here

We will release updates here and availability requests that come through the website. You can also ask in this group if you need any support.

6b. Permission to use your images

ListDirect - ListDirect Owner's How-to Handbook |

We would love to help advertise your holiday let if you agree please email the following to

I (NAME) give permission for ListDirect to use images and text off my account. I agree to the Images and text being used in promotional material ListDirect produces. I understand the promotional material will be shown on all social media platforms, ListDirect website any other platform used to promote ListDirect.

You have now completed and joined everything we currently have to offer holiday let owners listed on our site.

Owner’s FAQ’s page

ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook: did you know?

In this section are a few blogs, with a lot more on their way …

ListDirect Owner's How-To Handbook

Word of mouth does not necessarily mean you need to physically speak to someone. We all know how quickly words travel on the grape vine, owners can use this to their advantage.

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ListDirect Owner's How-To Handbook

How much do you really know about Facebook Algorithms ? Working together we are powerful, especially with the help of Facebook algorithms we can make booking platforms redundant!

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ListDirect - ListDirect Owner's How-to Handbook |

Newsletter, keep up to date! We are constantly updating and making enhancements to the website to help improve the experience for an owner and holiday seeker.

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ListDirect - ListDirect Owner's How-to Handbook |

Ways to give your holiday let maximum exposure with ListDirect. Are you using your ListDirect link to its full advantage?

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how to Increase Holiday let direct bookings

30 COMMISSION FREE DIRECT BOOKINGS! Report on how one owner who has worked collaboratively with ListDirect the last 6 months, received 30 direct bookings.

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ListDirect - ListDirect Owner's How-to Handbook |

Creating a holiday let website

Coming Soon

ListDirect - ListDirect Owner's How-to Handbook |

Collectively as owners you have a wealth of knowledge and experience in so many areas.

Read more

ListDirect SEO-

What do you know about SEO? Is it worth the money? Or a game of probability. You decide.

Coming Soon

ListDirect - ListDirect Owner's How-to Handbook |

Do you post in Facebook groups? Bad habit wasting valuable time?

Coming Soon

Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs in your ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook, we hope you have found them useful.

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ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook: how-to videos

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Leave an unlimited amount of reviews, let owners know if you found something useful

We are constantly updating your ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook, if you feel you need a how-to video on a certain area please do let us know.

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