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You can increase the probability of your holiday let showing as a result on a search engine, when listing a property on ListDirect. In order to be shown as a result, you must try to meet the criteria we believe a search engine looks for. Remember no one know the actual answer to this apart from the search engine creators.

We have holiday lets advertised on ListDirect ranking No1 on a search engine.

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ListDirect advertisement ranking No1

A few examples of advertisements off ListDirect, ranking No1 on a search engine,

ListDirect - 12 quick and easy ways to meet search engine requirements when listing a property on ListDirect |
ListDirect - 12 quick and easy ways to meet search engine requirements when listing a property on ListDirect |
ListDirect - 12 quick and easy ways to meet search engine requirements when listing a property on ListDirect |

What is a search engine?

A search engine is the general term used to describe google, bing, yahoo etc.

What does SEO stand?

SEO stands for, search engine optimization. It is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

Why is it important to meet a search engines requirements?

Search engines are a free platform and like any business on the web are competing for traffic. They want to ensure that the websites/webpages they show are correct, up to date and relevant to a users search. Otherwise, who would use their platform when looking for information.
Search engines need a way to take your website information and present it in a way that looks uniformed on their platform. Hence the need for us all to meet their requirements.

What if I do not meet search engine requirements?

Search engines have the facility to push your website to the pages no one looks at in a search result. There is no benefit for a search engine to show your website if you do not meet their requirements.

How can I help my Listing in a search engine

Below is a list of some requirements known to help improve the SEO of a webpage. Your advertisement on ListDirect is generated its own web page when you create a listing. With some very easy ‘tweaks’ to your listing description, you will give your advertisement the best possible chance of being shown in searches on a search engine.

The best way to think about it, is to think of it as a point system. The webpage with the most points ‘Google’ rewards and shows it for searches on their platform.

Listing a property on ListDirect – what a search engine looks for!

I will now go through different ways you can help your listing on ListDirect on a search engine, like google. Remember you will always show on for the relevant searches on the ListDirect website. This is to improve your SEO on another platform.

Meta title and meta description

On a search engine your title will be their meta title, your 1st paragraph will be the meta description.

Listing a property on ListDirect, meta information

1. Title -text length

Your title text length is important as this will be your meta title on a search engine. A meta title, is the little title you see for results on a google search. To fit correctly in to their template. Your title text length must be between 52-59 characters, no more than 60 characters.

What words to use in the title

For someone to find your ListDirect advertisement it is probably best you use the same phrases/names you have given your property on a booking site. Someone may do a search for your property on google after seeing it advertised on an OTA site. Using the same phrases/names helps your chances of your property showing. Free character counter

Do not create a general title when listing a property on ListDirect. E.g. Villa to rent Spain, as this can be duplicated by other people that have a villa in Spain, could result in your property not showing on a search engine.

Try, if you can to use the following a similar phrase in your title, or use the links below to find the most searched word in a search engine.

Holiday let | Rental |Self catering accommodation | Holiday homes to rent | Apartment to rent | Holiday lettings

2 free websites that will show you most popular words searched for in a search engine word tracker | Ahrefs

2. Title – URL

A URL is more commonly known as a web address. Every listing on ListDirect has their own unique URL.

Ideally a URL should contain your whole title or at least a phrase from your title.

If you do change your title please email me and I will update your URL, this can only be done once! Once I have changed the URL for your listing, your old URL will no longer work. If someone was to come a cross your old URL in a Facebook group and clicks on your link, it would not take them to your listing. You could miss out on a potential booking.

To avoid any of issues please do not share your ListDirect links anywhere until you have your title perfect and we have updated your URL (if needed).

In the future if you do change your title try to include phrases that are already in your URL. This way you will still meet some of the search engines requirements.

Please enter in a title that will last for the duration of your advertisement on ListDirect.

3. Images

Must be of a high quality by this I mean not pixilated, but not too large of a file. All images must be of your property only. Images need to be presentable – no unmade beds, rubbish bags showing, unmaintained grounds etc. Only 10 Images can be uploaded for one listing. If you have images of your pool or your grounds it is best that these images do not include anyone on them.

We do suggest when listing a property on ListDirect if you advertise a hot tub that you show a picture of the hot tub at your property. This helps reassure a potential guest that your property does contain this feature.

Important – if you have a pool, hot tub or spectacular views from the property ensue this is the featured (first) picture on your listing.

4. First paragraphLength

When listing a property on ListDirect your first paragraph in your description will be your meta description on a search engine. A meta description is the little paragraph that shows on a google serach. Of course this needs to be a set length to fit nicely in to their template. The 1st paragraph of your description can not be any longer than 160 characters, ideally between 145 – 159 characters (punctuation is counted as a character). Count characters- free tool

5. First paragraph – Content

You must also include your title in your first paragraph, ideally word for word. If you can not make the sentence flow by using the full title then pick a ‘phrase’ from your title and ensure this is in your first paragraph.

Your title or phase must then be repeated 2 more times within your description when listing a property on ListDirect.

6. Description – Length

Your description must have a minimum of 600 words. Search engines use the word count to judge if the content is ‘good’. They do not like to a show webpage that contains a few paragraphs.

Have you ever done a search on google and the results have shown you a web page with a few sentences on? Search engines do not like to show pages with poor content, looks bad for their platform. Count keywords- free tool

2 free websites that will show you most popular words searched for in a search engine word tracker | Ahrefs

7. Description- presentation

Search engines like content on a web page to be in small paragraphs. A webpage will be rated ‘bad’ when google does a scan if the content is in large paragraphs.

Don’t stress over getting your description on your advertisement perfect as you can edit it at anytime. Once your title, URL and first paragraph are in place, the description can be a working progress over time.

8. Description- keywords

If someone did a search on google, for example ‘gite with a pool’. Google will scan everyone’s webpages separately looking for this keyword.

Pick as many keywords as you want just ensure you repeat them 3 times in your description. Otherwise search engines (google) do not recognise your webpage as viable content for the keyword when they scan your webpage.

Suggested keywords; Holiday Let, self catering, book with the owner direct (anything you think someone would put in to google to find your property). Free tool to check the most popular keywords searched.

Ideal Keywords to include in your description – repeat 3 times

  • Your business name
  • Location
  • Book direct
  • Holiday let
  • Type of property
  • Amenities such as a pool, hot tub.

Search engines like webpages to contain a link to another webpage. There is a method to their madness, this link acts as vote. Basically you help search engines to recognise which websites other people may be interested in for them to show in searches on their platform.

If you have a link to an OTA website on your website – ask yourself are you ok voting for a website you are trying to divert traffic away from.

On your holiday let websites this rule applies, search engines like your pages to link to an external website. To meet this requirement on your website you can use your links (URL’s) to your advertisement and your owners account on ListDirect.

All a search engine will see is you voting for a website, all you are actually doing is sending people to a page that contains your information. Smart hey!!

You could add a link the ListDirect home page on one of your own webpages. All this does is tell google you vote for ListDirect, more votes ListDirect receives the higher we rank in search engines. This will increase the chances of your holiday let showing in more searches.

This is the advantage of all holiday let owners working together, you will never find hundred’s of websites that will vote for your holiday let website in a search engine. The more votes ListDirect receives, the more popular we look to a search engine. This has multiple benefits for your business. When your website links to a popular website, it does help towards your website being shown in search engines. Google wants to ensure the results they show in searches are relevant and of good content, your vote vouches for this!

All we are really doing is fooling a search engine in to showing ListDirect in more searches promoting your holiday let. All for FREE!

10. Duplicate titles

If you have multiple properties please ensure you give each title a unique name. The reason being when google scans a website if there are two identical titles on different pages they will only show one page in a google search. You would be putting your properties at a disadvantage.

11. Duplicate content

Search engines are very clever and if they see identical/duplicate content when they scan websites they will only show one of the webpages. They are clever enough to know which content was produced first. If you do copy text from your website or off your listing on an OTA website, please ensure you tweak it slightly.

Likewise if you have multiple properties listed on ListDirect, ensure you do not copy paragraphs over between listings. As this will also have a negative impact in search engines.

You can only advertise one property per listing (you can have multiple properties under an owners account – please select the correct package at the checkout to allow this). Advertisements will be taken down if more than one property is advertised per listing.

12. The obvious

Ensure you have no spelling mistakes when listing a property on ListDirect. Search engines do scan for spelling errors, it will flag up their end and will stop search engines showing your advertisement in searches.

Ensure your sentences flow, it can be hard trying to get as many key words as possible to fit in to your holiday let description. If you just place the keywords on the page and not in a grammatically correct sentence, a search engine will know and it will cause problems for your listing.

Example description on ListDirect

Here is sample of a listing on ListDirect trying to meet all of these requirements Lol’s Petite Maison, Based In Snowdonia On The River Seiont – ListDirect

Other ways you can improve your SEO on ListDirect…

Your webpage being viewed on a regular basis contributes to more points. That is why it is important we constantly share our links to our properties on ListDirect. To put it quite blunt our own personal websites will never receive the same volume of traffic compared to a website that contains all our holiday lets.

Think of booking platforms, how much traffic their website receives everyday. This does help them rank on a search engine.

Ask yourself where does your own personal holiday let website rank in a search on a search engine?

Instead of all of us collecting a visitor count on our individual websites. Working together we can put our visitor counts in one big pot. This will contribute to helping ListDirect rank higher, which only exposes your direct details and holiday let more in searches on a search engine.

There are lots of benefits in working together, another benefit is your holiday let has a better chance of receiving a direct booking when advertised on ListDirect.

Think about this, how many visitors does your website currently receive? Out of the visitor count how many bookings did your holiday let receive?

Now think about, why was the visitor on your website? 90% chance they were looking to make a booking. Lets be blunt about this…  There are loads reasons to why someone does not book a holiday let. What do they do next? back searching for a holiday let.

If they are already on the ListDirect platform, where do you think they will continue on their search? On ListDirect, this means everyone’s visitors, collectively we are talking thousands of people are now searching for a holiday let on ListDirect.

None of us could gain this amount of traffic on our own individual websites everyday. With this volume of people now exposed to your holiday let the chances of being found and gaining a direct booking massively increase. For us all!!

What were the chances that person went back to google searched for holiday let and your own holiday let website appeared for you to gain a direct booking?

Together we can divert traffic away from booking platforms, improving your SEO is just one way that will contribute towards this. In your ListDirect owners handbook there is a lot more information on how we can improve our holiday let profile and increase your revenue.

Remember when listing a property on ListDirect…

Again please remember, all of this information is to ensure your advertisement on ListDirect, gets ranked in a search engine, like google. You will always show on ListDirect, regardless if you meet these requirements.

From the data we currently have from owners, who have secured direct bookings via ListDirect. It is looking like holiday seekers are not visiting their individual websites. To avoid losing out on a direct booking, we would advise you do state everything your holiday let has to offer in your listing description, on ListDirect.

Your ListDirect owners how-to handbook contains more information on how you can increase the revenue of your holiday let, using the ListDirect platform.

ListDirect – filter system

Listing a property on ListDirect is really straight forward and easy to do, requires minimal IT skills. There are a lot of checkboxes to save you time. If you do have any problems or would like a bit of support when listing your property you can click here to read or watch our quick video on how to add a listing.

If we make any changes to the listing checkboxes we will always post a notice in our technical help Facebook group. Please do join to keep up to date.

We have a lot of filters and search boxes on the website for the user to find a property with ease. You will be leaving your holiday let at a disadvantage if you do not ensure all the checkboxes that are relevant to your property are checked and updated regularly. As this would result your property not showing up in filters.

Listing a property on ListDirect

Example of the form you will see when listing a holiday let on ListDirect.

We look forward to working collaboratively with yourself and your business, we hope listing a property on ListDirect helps you generate a lot more direct bookings.

All holiday let listings are sent to ListDirect to approve. We aim to approve your listing within 1 working day.

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