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Here you will find all the frequently asked questions owners ask ListDirect

Can I have more information about ListDirect

Why do I get asked for billing information if it is a free trial?

I have asked the API the exact same question!

When you join, your order is sent to the merchant. Even though you pay nothing during the free trial and you can leave at anytime. The merchant still sets up the order, with your status as ‘processing’. In order for them to know it is a genuine order, the minimum amount of information needs to be sent to the merchant. If this information was not sent to the merchant they can refuse the order. Resulting in you not being able to create an account.

The data fields on the billing information screen are the minimum amount of data they will accept for an order.

Read our other frequently asked questions around your account and trail period.

Do owners have to pay a commission fee on any bookings received through ListDirect?

There are a lot of frequently asked questions from owners around ‘extra fees’. No, we do not charge any commission fees to owners when you receive a booking via ListDirect. The aim of the site is for owners to get bookings direct and cut out commission fees.

You simply pay a small yearly advertising fee.

Do guests have to pay a booking fee on bookings they make through ListDirect?

No we do not charge any booking fees. The aim of the site is for guests to find the owners details and contact them directly, this cuts out out any additional fees put on a booking by third party websites.

This is an important frequently asked question by owners, we are an advertising website not a booking website.

What is a manual subscription?

We find there are a lot of frequently asked question from owners around the subscription.

With manual subscription renewals, a customer’s (you) subscription is put on-hold until they login and pay to renew it. Basically no money is taken out of your account until you approve.

How do I create an owners account?

All information on how to create an owners account can be found here.

Our frequently asked questions do not cover the how to part when creating an owners account please read the document for more information.

Do you have any how to videos to support me in using the website?

Yes, we have created a lot of video’s on how to use all aspects of the website. You will find them on our website and also on our YouTube channel.

What should I list on my account settings?

We have a direct messaging facility on the website, so guests can message you privately. You can then privately send your contact details etc. If this is what you prefer then we suggest putting a message on your account settings so guests are aware.

What details can I display on my owners account?

We get a lot of frequently asked questions from owners checking what contact details they are allowed to share on our website.

You can share any contact details you wish, we do not have any restrictions on what contact details you share with a potential guest. Here are some examples of owner accounts …

FAQs List Direct
ListDirect - Frequently Asked Questions - Owners |
ListDirect - Frequently Asked Questions - Owners |
All the data you decide to list is done so at your own risk. Please remember with any website it is open to the public so anyone can access the information you share on your profile.

Is there a template for what to write on my account settings?

Owners might write this if they do not wish to publicly advertise their contact details. Please message me directly and I can supply you with my contact details.

Owners might not want to keep answering messages on the website and might prefer to list their details publicly. Here are a few layouts…

Example 1



 Example 2



 Example 3


Facebook link


Example 4


Instagram account

Email Address

Example 5


Phone Number

Email Address


Example 6

Email address


Instagram account

Facebook account

Remember that any data you share is done so at your own risk, we are a public website, anyone has access to the data you display in your profile info data field.

No picture on my owners account?

FAQs ListDirect by owners

An image is essential for your owners account – this shows a potential guest that you are genuine.

This is done by logging in to your account.

Select settings

Profile image

Select Image

Save changes

How do I sign in

Depending on what device you are on the icon or text to sign in will look slightly different.

Sign in on a phone
FAQ sign In button on listdirect holiday let website
Sign in on a computer
Sign In on ListDirect

Check out our frequently asked questions on how to access you account once you have signed in.

How do I access my account

Depending on what device you are on the icon or text for your account will look slightly different.

My account on a phone
Frequently asked questions account button on a phone listdirect
My account on a computer
My account button on a computer ListDirect
Check out our frequently asked questions on how to sign in to your account.

What should I name my property?

We suggest that you name your property the same name it is on other sites. This allows guests to find your property if it has been seen on another site. Please read this document on how to help your advertisement in search engines.

What do I write in my property description?

Your description is very important as it does not only help your advertisement in search engines but will also help your advertisement in the search facilities on ListDirect. Our frequently asked questions do not cover the ‘qualities’ your description needs in order for google to ‘approve’ your advertisement. Please read this document on how to increase rankings of your advertisement in search engines. A search engine would be google etc. where users can type in to the search bar.

Changes I am making to my listings are not saving?

More than likely you have missed a required field. When you press save you will be taken to the top of your listing page. Here you will see a notice for you which field you have missed.

No changes will save until all required fields are filled in. Please read this document on how to list a holiday let.

Changes I am making to my listings are not saving?

A lot of owners will probably have some of the same frequently asked questions you have about how-to on the website. Join our technical help Facebook group, where owners help owners.

Do you have a Facebook group to advertise my holiday let in?

We have created a Facebook group for all owners to share links of the their property. Another Facebook group set is for verified owners only to post their holiday let. Both groups were only set up a few weeks ago, we need everyone to help with getting the group off the ground.

You can post under your Facebook account or your holiday let Facebook account in both groups, but you must display your link (URL) to ListDirect. Please invite all your friends, work colleagues and family to join the Facebook groups.

If you can not find an answer to your question on our frequently asked questions page for owners then please contact us direct.

We will be regularly updating the frequently asked questions when queries come in from owners.

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