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We all know as a holiday let owner how difficult it is to be left a review from guests.

I hope as owners you would take a few minutes to share your experience on joining ListDirect, for other holiday let owners to read.

Reviews holiday let owners ListDirect

‘No one leaves a review unless it is a complaint’

It’s like a dating agency, only for holidays!

I am excited to be part of this refreshing new ‘dating agency’ approach for holiday seekers and small holiday home owners – allowing them to find each other without paying another organisation a large overhead for the privilege! Directing direct traffic to a small website is difficult due to the sheer number of big players in the market, so I’m pleased that ListDirect will increase my visibility to potential clients looking to holiday in south west France.


Fighting Goliath…help for guests and owners!!!!!

Since the “bomb” hit me last summer when the former website was emerging, I have been on the look out for websites as ListDirect. For me the direct contact with clients from the beginning has given us as owners control and for our guests a personal relation which is highly appreciated. I have through my 20 years of renting been able to deal with this as I want without “a company” taking over everything (helping as they put it) and telling me what I HAVE to do. This has saved renters €661!!!!!!!


Deal Direct, everyone benefits

We gave up on Owners Direct years ago after they were taken over. The big portals add no value and simply leech money from both sides on any rental booked using their platforms. We love the fact that with List Direct we can engage with prospective holidaymakers at the beginning of the booking process and have more control.


ListDirect – Test account

Would you recommend ListDirect to other owners to advertise their holiday rental accommodation? Yes. Was the sign up process quick and easy to follow? Yes. ListDirect is a great way for owners to advertise their holiday homes without having to pay the ever increasing service fees that other platforms charge. ListDirect allows the owner to stay in charge of their listing price, the amount you charge is the amount you receive.



The best one stop shop platform!

I can not praise the website and creator enough. At last a company where you can communicate with the owner. She has created what I can only describe the best platform I have ever come across. Everything has the owners and guest in mind! So easy to use , extremely user friendly! So glad to part of the start, of what I can see, a website that will soon dominate direct bookings for owners. If you are thinking of joining – I don’t know what you are waiting for. What do you have to lose??

Ann’s Spanish Rentals

Book Direct Ethos and Fantastic Helpful Community!

Since joining ListDirect, I’m certain that being a verified owner has helped significantly with website views rising and enquiries/bookings coming in. And I can prove it! It really is like a helpful community, with owners who have had enquiries they cannot fulfil also passing details on within the site to help other owners, in turn helping our guests. With no fees at the moment, it really is a win win situation to list your accommodation here. The Book Direct ethos is paramount. Can’t fault it!


Fabulous new site to book direct with the owner.

Very easy site to advertise holiday rentals Why should your clients pay extra to the big organisations when they can book direct at NO additional cost Why should those same organisations take control of your booking and payment procedures and then hold onto YOUR MONEY for weeks Use LISTDIRECT!

Karen Calvert - The Coach House

So many benefits for everyone!

This site is easy to use for owners and renters. It deserves to become a roaring success. Such a lovely clear site to use. Thank you

The Shepherd's Cottage

ListDirect, test account

Was the sign up process quick and easy to follow? Yes. Clear instructions and quick response when I had questions.



Wow! Can’t believe how quickly we got bookings!

Joined ListDirect 12th May…and by 15th May I had 3 bookings from sharing my link online! I think it gives potential bookings that bit of extra validation when using the ListDirect link rather than just my own Facebook page, extremely happy! Would 100% recommend!

Nipper's Nook

Slick operation, great customer support!

We have very recently joined ListDirect. We have found the support videos very informative and educational. I feel much more aware now, how the big search engines work and how to adjust my website to be more “visible”. We have amended the way our rental is marketed as a result. The sign up process is simple. The communication and support from the ListDirect team has been first class. Hopefully we will see results soon.
Le Cottage, gite with private heated pool, South west France


New Account

Would you recommend ListDirect to other owners to advertise their holiday rental accommodation? YES  I would recommend. Was the sign up process quick and easy to follow? YES  very easy. 5 out 5 for good customer service 


Love how I could help a guest I could not accommodate

We could not accommodate an enquiry for our holiday let. We passed on along with the links to both Facebook groups. The holiday seeker booked another owners accommodation off ListDirect, thanked us for the details. Great concept to have one central place to refer enquiries. Owners receive a direct booking, holiday seekers save money booking accommodation at a direct rate. I have now saved the message as a template now to pass on to future enquiries.

Lauren and Ann

I had my first booking today, Thank you ListDirect

Thank you List Direct – I had my first booking today after sharing your link on my Facebook page and asking my friends to like and share.

I hadn’t realised that there was a messaging service included with ListDirect, this notified me that I had an enquiry, and enabled me to exchange messages directly with the client prior to her booking, I’m pretty sure that having a ‘platform’ behind my advert increased her peace of mind that I am a genuine owner.

The booking was for a week in July and she saved €791 by booking with my directly through ListDirect. That’s a whopping 32% saving over what a client would pay using my usual online travel agent!

It really is a no brainer people!


A great new alternative website

Having been in the business for over 20 years I was a bit skeptical about trying a new FREE website. Very slowly over the last 5 years AirBnb changed the business model that we have all been successfully working with for years with all the other OTA’S all following suit, being greedy, double dipping and taking away the owners rights/control. I’m so glad I did sign up , I posted my link on FB and had an enquiry for the whole month of March! They booked and saved a whopping £400!


Help us all get direct bookings

I signed up the listDirect and would recommend other owners to do too. I can understand if we all promote our #book direct website we will only reach and a small proportion of people, as our property will not suit everyone. If we all promote Listdirect we will all get more direct bookings as the holiday seeker can look for a property that suits their requirements. A one stop shop for booking direct.

Charlotte - Tree Top View Sheringham

Win-Win for Owners and Holiday Renters Alike

Great new, easy to use holiday listing site with great customer service. Travellers can book verified properties directly with confidence here, with direct owner contact and no extra traveller booking fees. Thanks to ListDirect, owners benefit from greater visibility on the internet market: by signing up with ListDirect, our Google My Business Page views have gone up from 1.5K to 2.3K views in a week!

Skiathos Villa Maestrali, Private Pool Vacation Rental Villa, Greece

All for one and one for all!

What can I say?! ListDirect is a very supportive community of holiday let owners who all work together to promote their properties. Ideas are shared and help given with the sole aim we all get as many bookings as possible without paying the extortionate commission fees of the OTAs and thereby able to pass on the savings to the customer. Having now received a direct booking myself I can confirm it works and in time we will all find the bookings will come rolling in!


Test Account – ListDirect

Would you recommend ListDirect to other owners to advertise their holiday rental accommodation?  Yes. Was the sign up process quick and easy to follow? Yes.  Love the concept of the site, much needed and great way for owners and guests to interact!  Find it easy to navigate around and like the way you use the big pictures.  Only big suggestion is that perhaps you ask for some sort of proof of ownership from owners to avoid scammers as I have seen on other Facebook pages. ListDirect’s Reply — Owner verification is set up on the website. We are currently looking at the best way to collect this data from owners. Watch this space!


Pippa Shirley

In order to help grow our community we need owners to write a few words about their experience, We need a place where other owners can read about your experience in joining the website!

How did you feel about the website? How did you find the joining process? What are your thoughts on the concept of this platform? How do you feel about the information you have shared? Did you experience any problems? What would you tell other owners who were thinking about joining?

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