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Terms and conditions ListDirect

Terms and conditions when using ListDirect.

We are a listing website for owners of holiday accommodation to advertise their property and contact details.

It is a way for people to contact owners directly and cut out the excessive fees that are being charged by companies.

ListDirect’s Term and conditions

Bookings will be made direct with the owner!

Any bookings made will be under the owners own terms and conditions.

ListDirect are an advertising site for owners and have no involvement with any bookings.

We take no responsibility for customers or owners.

It is the owners responsibility to ensure the customer is aware of their terms and conditions.

We take no responsibility for any guests you may get through the site.

We take no responsibility for owners advertisements.

Any complaints about the accommodation must be dealt with by the guests and owner of the property advertised.

We reserve the right to delete your account at anytime…

If you are found to be sending inappropriate messages through the websites messaging facility.

If you are found to be falsely advertising.

If your advert is disingenuous.

You are not the owner of the holiday let advertised

If you are not using the site to solely list your holiday accommodation and any details needed for guests to contact you directly.

You must have permission to use any images that are not yours. If this is brought to our attention they will be removed immediately.

The list above are examples of why your account may be deleted without any notice, but this list is not exhaustive of other reasons why your account may be deleted without notice. We reserve the right not to offer a refund for the remaining days of the subscription if you account was deleted by ListDirect.

In some cases we may suspend your account whilst we investigate further.

Your account will be deleted if you are found to be in breach of our terms and conditions

We reserve the right to update and make changes to our website at anytime…

We take no responsibility for any loss of data.

We take no responsibility for any data that may need to be uploaded again due to an update or changes made to the site.

We take no responsibility if the server provider goes down.

We take no responsibility for any data lifted off the site…

We take no responsibility for data that may be duplicated by a third party from the website.

Any data that is advertised on the site is done so at your own risk.

We take no responsibility for any third party companies that may contact you from the data you have shared and they have seen on the website.

Trial periods…

Users can cancel their account at anytime during the free trial period and not occur a subscription charge. However, if there were any admin/setup charges, these charges will still apply and be non refundable.

No payment details are collected during the trial period.

After a free trail period a subscription charge will occur and be non refundable.

The subscription charge is manual, which means you must agree/confirm the next payment it will not automatically come out of your account.

Third party plugins..

We use woocommerce to process your subscriptions and they use stripe to take your payments.

We take no responsibility for the third parties and if you wish to read their terms and conditions please do so on their website.

Who can advertise

Advertisements must be done by the owner of the property.

No agencies can advertise on the owners behalf.

No one who charges commission/booking fee/agency fees can open an owners account.

Your data..

We will not sell your data to any companies.

Please read our Privacy Policy.

we reserve the right to remove and permanently block any user who we find to not be working or blocking members on ListDirect promoting their ListDirect links.

By joining ListDirect, you chose to become part of our community and wok in collaboration with other owners in advertising/promoting the site where everyone can be found.

If it comes to our attention that you block or inhibit this in any way we reserve the right to remove your membership.

We hope by having this website we can cut out the massive commission charges that companies charge the owner and customer when booking accommodation.
Please contact us directly if you can not find the information that you at looking for in our terms and conditions.

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