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Videos on how to personalise-update everything on ListDirect. No IT skills needed you can advertise/edit your holiday let 24/7 on ListDirect.

Owner’s Account

This is a great way for holiday seekers to buy in you and your business. Owners who have secured bookings via ListDirect have had a very detailed bio here.

Holiday seekers want to know they are speaking to a real person, having information helps confirm this and build confidence in using your business.

Examples of owner accounts on ListDirect

Example 1 Example 2Example 3

Don’t miss out on a booking, for the sake of a bit of information here! May take a bit of time, but once your bio is set up, it is done (unless you want to edit it).

Personalise/edit/update my owner’s account

No Image showing on my owner’s account

Personalise the display name on my owner’s account

Personalise the information my owner’s account

Change the password for my owner’s account

In Production!


Create a Listing

Coming soon!

Edit/Update a Listing


Coming soon!



Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Availability Request Service – how it works for holiday seekers

More information will follow soon….

How to meet search engine requirements

Meeting search engine requirements ensures your holiday let listing appears in a search on their platform, giving your business more exposure.

If you change your title it is ok to use choose a phrase in your current URL and repeat in your title. It can do more damage than good changing your link, especially if you have shared it in multiple places. It is best to get your title correct at the start when you list, to avoid any complications.

Your listing will always appear in a search on ListDirect regardless if you meet search engine requirements or not. Read more

Listing Title

Listing Description

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