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ListDirect - ListDirect Owner’s How-to Handbook: videos to become a linktree guru |

We hope you benefit from our how-to videos to become a Linktree guru.

Linktree is a free platform where you can clearly display all your contact details and important website links for your business under one URL (web address). Many platforms only allow you to display one website address, by creating a Linktree you can share all your details. This ensures when someone views your account on social media your are able to share all you links and contact details as opposed to just one website address. If you can create this on you website even better.

What is Linktree – Why do I need one?

Create an account

Create your profile

Insert a video

Create a contact form

Create headings

Add social media icons

-Your holiday let website

-Social Icons – advertise all the platforms you are on

-Pictures of your property

-Read past reviews

-Direct booking link

-Display videos

-ListDirect listing

-ListDirect owners account (show you are verified)

-Our property not suitable? (link to

-Create a contact form

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