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We hope you benefit from our how-to videos to become a WhatsApp Business guru. WhatsApp Business is a free app. When people message or call your business via WhatsApp your account will contain all your business information, as opposed to your personal images.

Whatsapp business allows you to create a profile that displays your business name, contact details, opening hours, location and catolog of your products and services. You can also create automated messages, quick replies, and label conversations to become more organised.

What is it? What will someone see?

How to set up your account

How to set up your profile

Set up a greeting message

Set up an away message

Set up a quick reply message

Set up labels and how they work

Link to Facebook and Instagram

Short Link

Set up catalog

More information

When creating a WhatsApp business account you need a mobile number. If you decide to use your current mobile number it does change you over to a business account.

I decided to keep my original number as my personal phone number and I purchased a sim only contract. I found a contact for £3 a month and put the sim card in to an old phone. I installed the WhatsApp business app on to my iphone. I then created a WhatsApp business account using the new phone number I got with the £3 sim card.

This means I have a WhatsApp business account, containing all my business details. I still get to keep my personal WhatsApp account for friends and family.

On Facebook, Instagram and my website I can create a WhatsApp button. When people message ListDirect through these platforms they are taken to our business account instead of my personal WhatsApp.

Hopefully, which I know will never happen for me! No matter how many times I say I am having a rest tonight. Having WhatsApp business not only helps you look more professional but could help to create a work life balance.

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