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We often underestimate just how powerful word of mouth can be, it’s free publicity! Ask yourself, what would make you want to use a new company? What would make you believe a new company is trustworthy?

Word of mouth marketing is a crucial form of advertising. Hearing a recommendation from a trusted source, from family and friends is very valuable: it’s an endorsement of a company that builds name recognition and trust. Excellent customer service is centred on word of mouth!

Word of mouth - No1 most powerful marketing tool

88% of respondents most trust recommendations from people they know

2021 Nielsen Trust In Advertising Sell Sheet

Word of mouth

Word of mouth does not necessarily mean you need to physically speak to someone. It can be done with your own Facebook post, a comment on someone else’s Facebook post, via an email, Instagram story, TikTok video, text message, sharing your URL, a leaflet, in fact it is any form of communication that can be used to speak to ‘someone’.

Word of mouth marketing is very influential; it is a free way to spread information and it is usually triggered by personal customer experience. Although negative comments and untruths also travel by word of mouth, we want to focus on how we can use word of mouth as a positive advertising tool.

Word of mouth

How to make word of mouth count.

Owners can benefit from being proactive when it comes to word of mouth advertising campaigns. Owners can educate people about the benefits of booking direct with the owner of a holiday property let and where they can find our direct contact details.

We all know how quickly words travel on the grape vine, owners can use this to their advantage and let other owners know why booking direct is better for their business and that they don’t need an online travel agent (OTA).

There are so many holiday let owners around the world with the same vision of trading effectively and independently of booking sites. We have the systems in place, we now need to spread the word and put the systems to good use.

How effective is word of mouth, who is listening?

How effective is word of mouth, who is listening to us

Our target audience is so vast and includes anyone and everyone we talk to or send our communication to! We know how quickly gossip and rumours spread, positive word of mouth travels just as fast, even quicker these days with immediate access to far reaching social media platforms. Pleasant experiences are shared rapidly, and one person quickly passes information onto another, and so it continues.

How effective is word of mouth, who is listening to you

People we know or who are on your social media accounts, friends, family, neighbours, and work colleagues know you and they trust your opinion. When they learn that you advertise on the ListDirect, you can tell them about the website and the benefits. Personal recommendation has an enormous impact on giving people the confidence to use a brand-new website. The most expensive advertising campaign will never match the promotional power of word of mouth marketing.

How can we use word of mouth to benefit owners and guests?

The more people who know about a central place where they can find a holiday let and the owner’s direct details, will undoubtedly lead to more direct bookings! The more owners on ListDirect, the greater the variety we can offer someone who is looking for a holiday, this will hopefully keep people browsing the ListDirect website as they should find what they are looking for and not leave to book their holiday elsewhere. 

ListDirect - Word of mouth - No1 most powerful marketing tool |

It goes without saying that everyone feels a lot more comfortable booking, when they have confidence in the person or the company. This can be because they have used the company before, or they have received a personal recommendation.

Whether that booking came direct or via an OTA, the result is that we do eventually have communication with the guest. This is the most important part.

What is the key message we need to get across?

1. How much money a third-party website adds onto a booking.

2. How much money they will save when booking a holiday let direct with the owner.

3. Better rates by booking direct with the owner.

4. Communicate direct with the owner.

5. All enquiries about the property and area can be answered directly by the owner.

6. Reiterate that the person is not more secure booking through another company than they are booking direct with the owner. Owners can still cancel a holiday through a third party website.

7. Is it the actual owner of the holiday let?- ListDirect operates strict protocols and rigorous security checks when verifying owners, recommend they book with verified owners on the site.

As owners we are in a very fortunate position.

Everyone loves to go on holiday – we have an enormous variety and number of holiday lets listed from around the world!

Everyone loves a bargain – booking direct with the owner is cheaper than paying OTA fees.

We have lots of owners sharing the same goal and are actively supporting each other with direct bookings.

Your bookings


If you do not have the availability that a guest is seeking, you could reply with:

… sorry we do not have the dates you have requested. Have you tried you can contact owners directly via this website.

During a stay

You would be shocked to know how much a guest paid for your accommodation via another site, they are always willing to share this information.

We have just signed up to One stop shop for booking direct with an owner – properties listed from all over the world.


When guests leave and you send them a message: ‘We hope you enjoyed your stay’ , add at the bottom of the message:

We advertise on you can contact owners directly via this website. You will not be charged the extortionate booking fees that third party websites charge.

Remember people are nervous to book direct with owners. Unfortunately there was a rise in scams this year due to people seeing an opportunity to take advantage of the huge demand for holiday accommodation. We need to create a website where they have trust in the owners that advertise on ListDirect. That is why we offer to verify owners.

Word of mouth on social media

Word of mouth on social media

By sharing a link to your property on ListDirect, it not only promotes your holiday let but it also makes people aware of the website. You can share posts taken from the ListDirect Facebook page. ALL FOR  FREE !! It is worth keeping in mind that social media platforms do not like people using the words: like, share, comment. Ideas for wording when sharing a post :

We now advertise on a website where you can contact verified holiday let owners and avoid booking fees.

Check out our holiday let on

Brand new website if you are looking for a holiday let. Book direct with the owner – avoid booking fees.

One stop shop for holiday lets.

You probably don’t realise that many companies charge 15% more than the price an owner would charge on a holiday let advertised on – book with verified owners direct for better rates.

Leaving a review on ListDirect

When owners leave a glowing review about their membership experiences on ListDirect, they are showcasing the benefits for potential owners who are reading that review. Positive reviews will encourage owners to join, and we all benefit from our growing community.  Reviews are another example of word of mouth advertising and how we can all be advocates for each other.

We can all work together to support the same vision of direct bookings and liberating owners from OTA’s, their fees and restrictions; word of mouth will be one of our most powerful tools.

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